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3 Things To Consider Before Building An In-Law Suite Addition

Learn about three things to consider before building an in-law suite addition.

Learn about three things to consider before building an in-law suite addition.

An in-law suite can be a great investment, as you can use it as a temporary guest room for visitors during the year, or a permanent home for an older family member that needs to move in with you. An in-law suite is different than a spare bedroom, as it typically includes a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a living area to allow for more privacy and independence. Continue reading for four important things to consider before building your in-law suite addition!

What Is The Purpose?

As with any home remodel or renovation project, you should start planning with the end goal in mind! Before starting any construction, you should have a layout of the in-law suite and the features it will include. Ask yourself who the room will be for, and how to make it as functional as possible. For example, do you want to include a small kitchen and living area, or will a bedroom and bathroom be sufficient? If the suite will be occupied by an aging family member, do they have mobility issues that require extra-wide doorways for a walker or wheelchair? Also, the bathroom should include curb-less showers and grab bars for safety and accessibility. These are all important considerations that should be planned for early on to ensure the suite is practical and comfortable.

When Is The Best Time To Build?

If you’re building an in-law suite for a family member with health-related issues, you will want to complete the addition as quickly as possible. However, if you are being proactive and don’t have a set timeline for anyone to move in, you’ll want to consider the best time to start construction. Most home renovations come will a bit of stress while the project is in the building stages, and building an addition can come with a bit of disruption to your daily life. Work with your contractor and builder to schedule a plan that is most convenient for your family and will cause the least amount of stress. In general, the best time to do any remodeling where you have to open a house is in the summer when there is less of a chance for rain or snow.

Is Your House Right For The Addition?

It’s important to bring in an experienced contractor early in the planning stages of an addition to ensure that it will work for your home. For example, you may not know about local zoning restrictions that state how close you can build to your property line. Your neighborhood could also have rules about modifying structures visible on the exterior, especially if you have an older, historic home. 

In addition to zoning laws and restrictions, your home may not be the right fit for an addition, and it may make more sense to purchase a new home or build a custom home instead. Instead of adding more rooms to a house that you don’t love, building a new home with an in-law suite may be the better option. Whether you decide to build a custom home or install an in-law suite addition, T&G Builders has the experience and skills to complete the project!

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