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The T&G Builders Difference

At T&G Builders, we work with each homeowner to check every step off the list, from choosing the perfect siding to deciding which floor plan suits your growing family the best. While all of our construction projects are unique, here is an outline of what you can anticipate when working with T&G Builders, the premier builder in coastal Delmarva.

Our Standards

We never compromise and never ask our customers to compromise either! We encourage all prospective customers to take a hard look at our standards and the standards of any of our competitors. We know you’ll choose T&G!

  • Homes built to exceed the most current energy standards
  • Over 25 years in business
  • Amazing reputation
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Turn-key homes with all costs included
  • In-house custom design team
  • On-staff realtor to find a home-site for you
  • Knowledge and experience building in coastal areas
  • Mold inspection pre-insulation
  • Utility costs covered during construction
  • Viwinco or Anderson high-performance windows
  • No prefabricated roofing trusses
  • Conventional framing
  • Continuous footer with no piers used in foundation
  • Engineered Silent Floor floor joist system
  • Generous allowances to meet your high expectations
  • Free interior décor consultation for color selection process
  • Support staff available 7 days a week
  • Certified New Home Sales professionals on staff (certified through the National Association of Home Builders)
  • 1-year warranty and optional 10-year warranty
  • Member of the Eastern Shore Building Industry Association (ESBIA)

Partner with T&G Builders

T&G Builders is known for upholding the highest quality standards on all of our renovation, remodeling, and custom home building projects. From master suite additions to condo renovations, we have the expertise and communication skills to make your dreams a reality. We work with homeowners and business owners throughout coastal Delmarva. To learn more about how we can help transform your home, contact us today.

The T&G New Home Process

Having a clear understanding of the entire process from start to finish is best for all parties involved. Below is a list of the steps we take and what they involve so all clients have a clear understanding of their project and what is expected of them.


This is the initial meeting whether it be on the lot where home to be built, your current home or at our office. We discuss all the ideas, wish list, site conditions, permit requirements, hookup fees, HOA or local building codes and requirements. We also will discuss budget and estimated construction costs based on items above and your house plan / size.

House Location / Site Evaluation

We take all precautions prior to starting design to determine if house plan desired will fit on the lot as proposed. This involves researching HOA or permit restrictions on items such as height, size requirements (square footage of finished space), lot coverage restrictions, etc. House location can easily add thousands of dollars to your building cost but have nothing to do with the home itself.


Taking into account the above factors, we focus on creating the perfect design as envisioned by the owner while situating the home on the lot for the perfect set up. Phase I of the design is the generation of the 1st floor plan. Once we have things in order and about 95% in line per owners input we move to the 2nd floor plan. The first floor somewhat dictates the layout of the 2nd floor, so it is best to take things one level at a time.

We move forward with creating the elevations after completion of floor plans including (garage, decks and porches). This allows the owner to get a visual on the windows, doors, siding types and roofing angles of their design. We also offer 3D rendering with bird’s eye views and color schematics at another point during design.

Bid Request / Estimate

This is when we try to get everything on your wish list for the home inside and out. There is nothing worse than getting a price and then down the road finding out the allowances allocated are far short for what you had expressed, and now you have to pay extra for what you wanted all along. All site condition, permit requirements, hookup fees, etc. are determined for a true turnkey estimate. We have a standard form that helps in providing all questions you will need to answer.


Upon obtaining all information on bid request and researching what is required for each individual home, we generate a set of detailed specifications. Each project has its own unique design and site conditions from which specifications are generated. The specifications are in order of construction and include all materials and allowances allocated to your home. We present the specifications along with the house location (proposed site plan) and final plans.


After presentation with all questions answered and everyone having a clear understanding of the project as a whole, we sign the contract, specifications, plans, and survey. At this time, you will be required to provide a deposit based on the contract amount. This is also the time when additional plans will be generated as required by various agencies and departments for submittal.

Submittal / Approval

Completion of the plans (Issued for permitting) is when we submit to all agencies or associations needed for approval. We recommended that you start with any HOA or township. These areas sometimes have restrictions more stringent than that of the government agencies. After approval, the next step would be to submit to County or any and all parties who need to provide review and approval.

Selection Process

T&G offers in-house assistance on most selections required to transform your design into a home. From roofing, siding, windows and down to the bath accessories we think of every detail. Items not selected in-house consist of (appliances, flooring, cabinets, tops and light fixtures). We offer many selections within our standard line, which are upgrades for most builders. Electrical drawings are another piece of the T&G value. You have the option to locate individual outlets, switches and light fixture locations to your preference.

Construction in Progress

Upon receipt of all permits and required approvals, we line things up for a smooth building process. This is where the owner becomes an integral part of the entire process, most importantly the timeline. Your color selection process is most imperative to be fully underway at this time with your exterior colors and products. Any items that not selected and signed for at least 45 days or more in advance to that phase of construction could risk delaying the project.

Each job is assigned a field superintendent who is responsible for the daily progress and inspections on the job site. Communication is critical among all involved, and it is a T&G requirement for every owner be provided a weekly update. This is a time to discuss any questions, requested changes, and the upcoming schedule.

This all starts with the lot clear and house stake out for the foundation. Framing is next followed by making home weather tight (siding, roofing, windows and doors). This is followed by phase 1 of mechanicals and then insulation. Many government inspections are required to make sure of compliance with all current building and energy codes. The average home takes 6-7 months to complete.