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4 Reasons Why Building A Custom Home Provides More Value

Learn about four reasons why building a custom home provides more value.

Learn about four reasons why building a custom home provides more value.

When making the decision to buy an older home to renovate or to build a custom home from scratch, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of each side. Building a custom home comes with many benefits for homeowners, and is often a better investment in the long run. Continue reading for four reasons why a custom home provides more value.

Less Maintenance

You may love the charm of an older house, but depending on how long ago it was built, an old home can be quite the fixer-upper. When you take into account repair and renovation costs, purchasing an older home can be very expensive and require a lot of time and energy. However, building a custom home allows you to work with an experienced home builder to create a house that lasts a long time. You won’t need to worry about undergoing renovations or repairs any time soon, and your home warranty should cover most maintenance projects that may need your attention.


Instead of having a specific list of design elements that you are looking for in an existing home, building a custom home allows you to customize everything! It’s unlikely that you will find an older home that has everything you are looking for, and you will need to compromise on some aspects of the house. However,  building a new home gives you the chance to design everything from the layout and to the appliances and everything in between.

New Appliances

Speaking of appliances, building a home with brand new appliances instantly adds value to the house. If you ever decide to sell, updated appliances can add a lot of resale value. If you choose to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t need to spend money on expensive replacement appliances any time soon.

Energy Efficient

Due to today’s building standards and practices, new homes are much more energy efficient than older homes. By using energy-saving appliances, windows, and building materials, homeowners will see significant savings in their energy, heating, and cooling costs.

Build Your Dream Custom Home With T&G Builders

T&G Builders, located in Berlin, MD, has been a premier waterfront custom home builder and home improvement contractor serving Worcester and Sussex Counties for over 25 years. We are a locally owned and operated business known for our uncompromising commitment to quality, our passion for using innovative technology and premium materials to complete projects, and our exceptional attention to detail. In addition to building custom homes, we also specialize in remodeling your current house into your dream home! Our skilled team can assess your needs, determine the right design for your addition or improvement, and complete the entire construction process.

To see what your dream home could look like and receive a free home design, contact us today! Don’t forget to follow T&G Builders on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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