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7 Tips for an Excellent Pool House Design

T&G Builders pool house design

A great pool house design will provide for indoor and outdoor seating as well as privacy for guests.

A surefire way to increase the luxury of your days by the pool is to build a pool house on your property. A pool house is a useful addition that provides convenience and comfort while providing your wet-footed pool guests a place to gather under a roof without affecting the decor of your main home. There are many designs you can select when building your pool house. However, there are a few basic tips that are important to remember. The following seven tips will help you create an excellent pool house design that fits in with your existing home and provides you with the utmost convenience and comfort. 

Match Your Home’s Architecture

Your pool house design doesn’t need to match your home exactly, but it shouldn’t look entirely different. Your pool house contractors can design a pool house that fits your main house’s style, lines, and proportions, so your property has cohesion. 

Create Open Air and Indoor Shelter

One of the more satisfying pool house designs features space for open-air and indoor lounging. For instance, a wide overhang can allow you and your guests to stay out of the sun while still sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. This gives you a choice between lounging inside of the pool house and outside of it. 

Consider Privacy

If you want to use your pool house as a convenient space to change into and out of swimsuits, you want to create a pool house design that provides adequate privacy. Orient the pool house so that it is as private as possible on your property, and include screens, privacy walls, frosted windows, and shades or blinds so people can adjust their privacy needs when needed. 

Include Convenient Amenities 

If you constantly have to walk back and forth from outside to inside your home to fetch towels, snacks, and drinks, you can make life easier by moving those items into your pool house. Stock your pool house with a mini-fridge, dishware, extra towels, and any other touches you want. You can also add a small bathroom area with a toilet, sink, and shower, so guests can rinse off after getting out of the water. 

Build Ample Storage

Pool gear can quickly accumulate and create clutter quickly. When constructing your pool house, add shelving, cabinets, and functional furnishings that produce plenty of storage spaces for your pool accessories and maintenance tools.

Allow Entertainment Space

If you want to use your pool house as a social space, you will want to make sure there is enough room for entertaining. Include comfortable seating, coffee tables, and perhaps even a bar so you can whip up some cocktails on demand. Choose stylish outdoor fabrics and waterproof surfaces, so people feel free to sit in a wet bathing suit. 

Don’t Forget Electronics

Finally, including some appealing electronic devices like a sound system, Wi-Fi, and dimmer-controlled lighting can do a lot for creating an excellent pool house design. These features can make your pool house inviting and comfortable during all hours of the day. 

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