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A Guide To Creating Your Custom Home Design Wish List

Check out our guide to creating your custom home design wish list.

Check out our guide to creating your custom home design wish list.

Designing a custom home comes with the freedom to make your home exactly as you want it, but it can be overwhelming to think about every little detail. Before you get started with the process and have to make these decisions, its best to have a wish list to show your builders and designers first. If you have already thought about the layout and how you envision each room, it makes it much easier to get the building process started on the right foot. Continue reading for our guide for creating your custom home design wish list!

Dream Big

Some people have their dream homes completely mapped out, while others don’t know exactly what they want. Start by jotting down ideas of anything you could want in your new home. Look for inspiration from websites and magazines, and write down any design elements that bring you joy. This could be the current trend of an open kitchen with a large kitchen island or a master suite with a walk-in closet. If you want a specific room, such as an office or home gym, write that down as well! When designing a waterfront custom home, don’t forget about the outdoor area- such as an outdoor kitchen or a huge deck overlooking the water. Once you get all of your ideas on paper, you can move on to the next step.


Odds are that you won’t be able to design a custom home with every single thing listed on your first wish list, so it’s important to prioritize each aspect. With the list in front of you, make a spreadsheet on your computer and create three columns: “Must Have/Needs,” “Wants,” and “Perfect World.” The items on your must-have list are the most important, as they are non-negotiable items and design elements. The items in the “Perfect World” category are those that would make your dream home if they are within your budget, but you are prepared to live without if need be.

Bring Your List To An Expert

Now that you have a strong idea of your wish list for your custom home, you can bring the list to an expert and start the design process. A company that offers design and building services will be able to evaluate how each element may fit into your custom home budget and timeline. At T&G Builders, we offer all customers complimentary design services to establish a direct line of communication between you, our design staff, and our construction staff. Lastly, we also offer a free, no-obligation consultation to give you an overview of the entire construction process. The professionals at T&G Builders know that custom home building can be overwhelming, and we want to make it as stress-free as possible for our customers. That is why we hold off on many of the interior design selections such as trim, hardware, and paint color until later in the job. Call today to get started on your custom home!

Build Your Dream Custom Home With T&G Builders

T&G Builders, located in Berlin, MD, has been a premier waterfront custom home builder and home improvement contractor serving Worcester and Sussex Counties for over 25 years. We are a locally owned and operated business known for our uncompromising commitment to quality, our passion for using innovative technology and premium materials to complete projects, and our exceptional attention to detail. In addition to building custom homes, we also specialize in remodeling your current house into your dream home! Our skilled team can assess your needs, determine the right design for your addition or improvement, and complete the entire construction process.

To see what your dream home could look like and receive a free home design, contact us today! Don’t forget to follow T&G Builders on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.


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