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Don’t Forget To Add These Features To Your Custom Waterfront Home

T&G Builders custom waterfront home

Make sure your custom waterfront home has plenty of access to your gorgeous waterfront view.

Having a waterfront home provides you with not only gorgeous views but easy access to boating, fishing, and other enjoyable outdoor activities. If you are in the process of planning your future waterfront home design, or perhaps you want to find ways to refresh your existing home for next year, consider whether you have included these appealing additions. Any custom waterfront home should have one or more of these irresistible features. Once you decide what works best for your home, you can discuss future plans with the professionals at T&G Builders. 

Include Views in Every Room

When building a custom waterfront home, you want to ensure you have access to plenty of stunning views of the water. You can consider which rooms you want to have views: the main living spaces? Each bedroom? Or maybe you want to give certain areas, like the kitchen or living room, the best views. 

You can also maximize these picturesque views with particular design features like roof patios, lookouts, and terraces. Adding these extra elements ensures that nearly every part of your home will allow you to access excellent waterfront scenery. 

Design a Mudroom

Living near the water means that you may have to put a little more consideration into how you’re going to keep your home clean. As your family members move from the water, mud, sand, and grass can be dragged into your home. Designing a mudroom is critical for containing the mess and preventing your home floors from becoming dirty or damaged by outdoor elements. 

You can design your mudroom to be by one of your entrances. This way, kids and family members know to enter through here after having fun outside. Include shelves for shoes and equipment, a hamper or place for wet clothes to be deposited, and towels for wiping off extra sand and dirt. Installing easy-to-clean floors and materials will also ensure the cleanup is as easy as possible. You might also include a pet washing station in this room for extra convenience. 

Install an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers can be a huge benefit for waterfront homes. Before your guests enter your home, they can use the outdoor shower to clean off any sand, grass, or mud from their body and hair. Besides decreasing the chance of sand being tracked into your home, you also prevent sand, grass, and more from entering your indoor plumbing system.

Incorporate a Fireplace

Custom waterfront homes aren’t exclusively summertime homes. You might also enjoy a winter or fall getaway. If you plan to use your home outside of summer, you may want to incorporate a fireplace. This can help you create a cozy ambiance in your home while reducing your electric costs. 

Include Extra Space for Parking

When considering the exterior of your custom waterfront home, you won’t want to forget about parking. While you want enough space for your family’s cars, you may also want to add more space. Waterfront homeowners love to host family and friends, so you want to make sure those visitors have enough space to park their vehicles comfortably. 

By incorporating these appealing waterfront home features, you can ensure that your custom home remains one of your favorite places for years to come. 

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

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