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The Best Window Styles for Coastal Homes

t&g builders window styles coastal homes

Consider which of the popular window styles for coastal homes is suitable for your home.

Your beautiful coastal custom home is going to be packed with features, but one that you shouldn’t overlook is your windows. Those small details play a vital role in your everyday life, and windows, in particular, can be critical.

It’s also important that you consider the best window styles for coastal homes. Your windows will play a part in regulating your home’s temperature, creating additional curb appeal, and letting in the beautiful views your coastal home offers. So what are the right window styles for coastal homes? Read on to find out.

Single- or Double-Hung Windows

The most common window styles for coastal homes are single- or double-hung windows, which are instant classics that look great on any design. They’re defined by sashes, which are a window’s movable parts that let it open and close. Single-hung windows only have one sash that moves up and down, whereas double-hung windows have two. What else is different between the two?

Single-hung windows are usually more budget-friendly. This is great if you’re building a custom home but want to include other window features, like UV tinting or impact resistance.

On the other hand, double-hung windows can give you better ventilation. That’s because opening both sashes allows cool outside air to go through the bottom, and warm inside air gets pushed out of the top, giving you better air circulation overall. 

Casement Windows

Why opt for casement windows? They’re easy to open, offer unobstructed coast views, and offer free-flowing ventilation. These window styles for coastal homes are hinged on one side, meaning they open outward like a door would. They pair well with other window styles as well.

There aren’t any bars or grilles with these windows, so you can be sure you’re getting the best views possible. They’re also ideal for smaller rooms like a bathroom or a nook in your kitchen. They take up less space than sliding windows, so you can easily open and close them even when installed in small areas.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Consider horizontal sliding windows if you’re looking for something modern and sleek. Their name hints at how they work: they slide open horizontally, going from one side to the other. Like casement windows, they can open wide to offer great views and airflow. Depending on your needs, they can be space-efficient since they don’t open outwards, though they do take up more real estate on a wall since they slide open.

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