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5 Things to Consider Before Your Condo Renovation

condo renovation

Learn our tips for successful condo renovation before you begin your planning.

While renovating a standalone house and renovating a condo share a lot of similarities in preparation and construction, renovating a condo has a few specific limitations, and possibilities, that you should know of before planning your condo renovation project. Read our guide below for six of the most important things to remember before launching your condo renovation and how these factors can ensure your successful condo design. 

Know the Rules for Your Condo Renovation

Before planning your renovation, you must be aware of the policies of your condo board. The board may have rules related to cosmetic and material decisions. However, they will most likely have theories about what days and times condo renovations can take place and how materials can be brought into the building. 

Know Your Limits

It is essential to know your project limitations before you become attached to a design that isn’t feasible for your condo renovation. Consult with your condo board and a renovation expert to determine which fixtures in your condo cannot be removed or altered. 

Move Your Eye, Not the Fixture

Bathroom features are usually not moveable without massive expenses, so it’s best to leave toilets and sinks where they are. What you can do to update your bathroom’s look is to change how you see the space. For instance, if you design your bathroom to be all-white except for a boldly-colored vanity, the vanity will pop and command attention. 

Stay Flexible

When planning a condo renovation, you can often get attached to certain things that you want: a large fridge, a king-sized bed, a double sink. These are all popular items to install in your living space, but it is important to remain flexible during the renovation project. Your contractor may even be able to point out how, for instance, installing a smaller fridge may open up more creative storage options in your kitchen. Remaining flexible allows for the possibility of surprising and innovative condo renovation plans. 

Stay Somewhere Else During the Condo Renovation

If possible, complete a condo renovation while residing somewhere else. Either complete the renovation before you move in, or find a temporary residence during the most intense part of the construction. For instance, it would be beneficial to leave when your kitchen or bathroom is being renovated. Getting out of your condo during the messy in-between construction phase will relieve stress and help you enjoy the process more.

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