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The 7 Features of a Well-Designed Kitchen

t&g builders well-designed kitchen

Add these features to a well-designed kitchen with T&G Builders.

When planning a new kitchen with T&G Builders, the layout is essential in making the space function efficiently. However, there are other factors to consider. Explore this checklist to ensure you have used the seven features of a well-designed kitchen. 

Ample Storage Space

You should consider storage space if you want a functional kitchen. So, think carefully about what you must store, and select cabinets that work with the kitchen’s layout and size. Also, research space-saving designs, like tall wall cabinets and pullouts. It’s also a great idea to determine precisely what you must store. Be realistic, and if you notice any unused items causing clutter in your space, recycle them ASAP! Once you know what items you want to store and where you will be using them, then you may consider the best options for your kitchen.

Consider Strength and Durability

If you enjoy cooking, your kitchen surfaces will take some action. So, besides good looks, they will need strength and durability. To help you determine which countertop type to go for, consider how you will use your space. Also, think about how much wear and tear particle areas in your kitchen will get because this will determine the durability of your counters.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

The appliances you select will also depend on your well-designed kitchen and the room’s layout and size. For instance, you might prioritize a large oven and dishwasher if you often entertain. When looking for appliances, consider if they are energy-efficient. One thing you can do is search for products with an Energy Star label backed by the U.S. government. 

Add Depth and Practicality with Lighting

Once you have planned your kitchen’s layout, consider where you will locate the lighting. Strategically complement your functional spotlights with task lights to develop a lighting design that adds practicality and depth to your space.

Focus on Quality Fixtures and Hardware

It’s worth prioritizing quality fixtures if you are wondering where to splurge. A beautiful handle may enhance a standard cabinet, while a well-selected faucet may beautify a basic sink. These fixtures and hardware in your kitchen will be used immensely, so it makes sense to invest in quality to ensure they are durable, strong, and pleasant to touch. 

Durable Flooring

In a heavy traffic area such as a kitchen, you must keep the floor pristine. You can choose many surfaces – natural stone, luxury vinyl planks, ceramic, concrete, and porcelain. You may also select beautiful wood, but ensure how to seal it and protect it from water damage. Additionally, consider how your floor will look with your design and whether you might change it in the future. 

Attractive Backsplash

The surface you install behind your work surface may transform the appearance of a well-designed kitchen. Even though a backsplash’s primary function is to protect the walls, it’s also a great opportunity to get creative in your space. Select a durable material that you can wipe easily, but also opt for a design that fits with the room’s style. 

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