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How To Create Your Beach House Entryway

T&G builders beach house entryway

Consider what you should add to your beach house entryway to reduce dirt and sandy messes.

The mudroom is one of the most popular small spaces to add to homes. This is a space specially set aside so people can take off the shoes, coats, and other outerwear that gets muddy and dirty– that way, they don’t track the dirt through the house. For a beach house, the need for a mudroom is overshadowed by the persistent ubiquity of sand. While you might think that beach houses need a “sand room,” in most cases, this area is simply called the entryway. If you have a beach house (or plan to have one in the future), read on for some great tips to create and design your dream beach house entryway with everything you need to control the onslaught of sand. 

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is an integral part of a mudroom and is similarly crucial in a beach house entryway. Your shoes are one of the biggest ways sand gets tracked into a house (but not the only way). Having adequate shoe storage for the shoes that you and your family wear on a regular basis, as well as any guests or visitors you host, is vital. Make sure that people know that your expectation is that they take off their shoes when they come in, and have a clear place for them to store the shoes while they visit that is out of the way so that no one trips. 


Make sure that your entryway has a place for people to sit while they take off their shoes. This will make it easier for them to remove their shoes and less likely that they will just ignore your wishes (not everyone can take off their shoes easily while standing). 

Hooks And Other Storage

Shoes are not the only things that track in the sand. Clothes, swimsuits, and equipment like sand toys and boogie boards also track in sand. A good entryway will allow you to store all these things so you don’t have to carry them through the house. This means you should have drawers, cubbies, and hooks for everything you regularly use at the beach. It is also helpful to have a changing space with hooks to hold wet bathing suits or wetsuits. 

Floor Coverings 

Finally, even if people are able to get most of the sand off of them outside or in the entryway, having an excellent indoor-outdoor rug will help trap any stray sand that remains on their feet. These rugs are durable and can easily be shaken outside to remove excess sand and dirt.

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