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10 Living Room Features Recommended by the Professionals

T&G Builder living room features

Consider some of the most appealing living room features, including large windows, a fireplace, and lots of seating.

When many people think about remodeling, they think about the kitchen and the bathroom. However, many other parts of the home can get significant upgrades with a little effort. One such room is the living room. Here are 10 of the best living room features that are recommended by professionals to upgrade your home. 

Comfort Is King

You probably remember at least one friend growing up who had plastic-covered furniture, but today’s living rooms are the opposite of that. When exploring living room features for your space, think about what will make you more comfortable. Whether that means deep cushions or plush carpeting, we can help you integrate comfort into your space.

Integrate Outdoor Space

The trees and plants outdoors are important for mental health and well-being, but they also play a role in the look of your home. Some of the best living room features you can integrate during a remodel are windows and doors that maximize your exposure to outdoor living space. This improves natural lighting, makes your home seem bigger, and boosts your mood.

Get Cozy With Rugs

Carpet is one of the most popular living room features, but there is nothing wrong with adding a rug too! Rugs are a great way to add texture to a room with carpet or add warmth and comfort to hardwood flooring.

Better Fabric

If you purchased your furniture from a traditional big box store, there is a good chance that the upholstery is not designed for heavy use and longevity. By investing in performance fabrics, you can rest assured that your sofa will look just as great in ten years as it does today.

Seating Options

Even if you have a lovely sofa, seating is not typically one size fits all. As you customize your living room, consider different types of seating that can be integrated so that all your family members and guests have a comfy place to sit.

Layer the Lighting

To create a comfortable and functional space, consider layering different lighting. Instead of using all overhead lighting or all table lamps, integrate various lighting fixtures to build a great ambiance. You may also add dimmer switches to add more versatility to your lighting options.

Light a Fire

Fireplaces are often associated with comfort and family; adding one to your living room will significantly upgrade your living space. It also gives you ready-made holiday décor!

Open Floor Plan

If you are engaging in a more significant remodel, transforming your room into an open floor plan is a great idea. This lets your living room flow naturally into the rest of your living space and invites your family to congregate there.

Don’t Be Afraid of Ceiling Treatments

Some people associate ceiling treatments with outdated popcorn ceilings. Still, many other options are available that add some texture to the room and make it feel truly unique and complete, like exposed beams and statement lighting.

Try Built-In Storage

Whether you have a massive book collection or want a place to store all your DVDs, built-in storage is an excellent way to seamlessly add storage into your living space without needing to purchase standalone storage.

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