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Open Floor Plans: 8 Factors to Consider

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Learn how you can create the best open floor plans for your home.

Open floor plans are incredibly exciting, as they provide an open space you can customize however you want. While that can be great, it can also be intimidating to sort through your options and make the right choice for your family. Here are eight factors you should consider when designing your home. 

How Much Space Do You Need? 

When considering open floor plans, it’s a good idea to consider what elements you need within the bigger space. While it will be a single big room, you will want multiple zones to meet your needs. When planning, think about your furniture, the number of people that will be in the room, and what types of things you need.

What Should Be Next to Something Else?

With open floor plans, you will need to consider the flow of the space from zone to zone. What types of things should be located next to each other? For example, you will want to place your dining table and chairs closer to the kitchen zone of your open floor plan, as that flows the most logically. 

What Are You Working With?

Even an open floor plan comes with certain limitations. When thinking about the best plan from your options for open floor plans, don’t forget other room elements, like doors, windows, columns, and electrical outlets. 

Where Are the Plumbing, Sewer, and Gas Lines? 

For your bar, kitchen, or bathroom areas within an open floor plan, knowing where the plumbing, sewer, and gas lines are is essential. Working around them is much easier than trying to move them to another place. 

What Organizational Options Do You Need? 

It’s also critical to consider your organizational needs ahead of time for open floor plans. Parts of your home, like the kitchen, will need a certain amount of storage to be functional. Make sure that you have a way to build this storage in.

How Much Space Do You Need to Move?

Open floor plans are great for safety, as you don’t need to worry about walls. However, you need to consider stairs and doorways when considering how much room you have to move. Ensure you have at least 3 feet of space without clutter for easy travel.

What Furniture Should Be Grouped?

Once you have the zones for your home roughly planned out, you can also group your furniture. For example, your dining room table and chairs could be grouped together for easier packing and planning. 

What Should Be Private?

Finally, you need to consider public and private spaces. Are there any places in your home areas where you would rather have a door and separate walls? Many homeowners use open floor plans for the lower floor and keep bedrooms and bathrooms more private.

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