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Remodeling Your Forever Home: 5 Tips For Aging in Place

t&G builders remodeling forever home aging in place

Learn how you can remodel your forever home to make aging in place easier. Features like safety bars and pull-down shower seats can help.

A “forever home” is one that you can imagine living in for the rest of your life. As people age, they discover that they might have different needs. For example, a home with many steps might not be conducive to someone who is elderly. As your needs change, so should your home. The beauty of aging in place is that you don’t have to move to another home. You can stay in the place where you’ve created so many memories. Remodeling a forever home meant for aging in place means you might have to make some modifications. Here are some tips to consider. 

Choose Appliances and Fixtures That Help with Limited Mobility

If mobility and dexterity become issues, you can choose appliances and fixtures for limited mobility. Motion-sensor faucets in kitchens and bathrooms are more user-friendly than manual ones. Under-counter microwave drawers are also ideal because they’re easier to access and lift hot dishes than traditional microwaves. Additionally, consider investing in a new toilet with a higher height if there is a struggle with getting up and down. 

Consider Widening the Doorways in Your Forever Home 

If you or your loved ones ever require a walker or wheelchair, you want to ensure you have ample space for them. Widening the doorways in bathrooms is helpful, along with including wheelchair-accessible vanities. Another useful tip is to opt for deeper bathroom drawers versus low cabinets. Grabbing things out of lower bathroom cabinets can be more challenging as you age. Plus, regardless of age, seeing and organizing products in lower bathroom cabinets is harder. Curbless showers are another consideration because you won’t have to step over a threshold to enter the shower. 

Aging in Place Means Adequate Lighting

Strategically-placed LED lighting makes a difference in any home. Plus, LED lights are energy-efficient and mercury-free. Additionally, the proper lighting makes a home much safer to navigate. You can utilize overhead LED shower lighting, place LEDs over the staircase, and put LED lighting above food prep areas. These three options prevent injuries. 

Design a Forever Home with Easy Entryways 

Once more, a home with many steps (or multiple stories) can be challenging for an older adult. You can eliminate the need for stairs by investing in a landscaping or concrete project involving a slightly-inclined driveway. A wheelchair ramp is also another idea, but consider placing it towards the side of the home to ensure your home isn’t visible to anyone passing through the neighborhood. 

Simple Home Modifications

Creating a home for aging in place could mean swapping out round door knobs for levers. It could also mean replacing your floors with non-slip options or including a pull-down seat in the shower. Even though these slight modifications might not seem like much now, they will make a difference as you age. The point is that your home should have custom features that help you get the most out of your home. 

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