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What Is The Role Of A Project Manager?

Learn about the role of a project manager.Learn about the role of a project manager.

Learn about the role of a project manager.

Project Managers have an important role in the residential construction business, but do you know exactly what their responsibilities include? Many homeowners don’t fully appreciate their PM, as they may not know how essential they are to the building of their custom home. Continue reading to learn more about the crucial role of a project manager.


While the builder works with homeowners on the design of their custom home and sets the quality standards needed to build, someone must be in charge of ensuring the business processes are followed, and the standards are met. A PM is responsible for hands-on, on-site supervision of employees and trade partners, as well as communicating with the homeowner on the status of their new home or renovation. This is a difficult job that requires a unique blend of technical expertise, creativity, problem-solving, and strong interpersonal skills.

A good PM needs vast experience and knowledge in everything from home elements and systems to relevant building codes. They know specific details, such as how to frame stairs, as well as larger issues, such as how structures handle wind loads or how concrete cures.

About Our Project Managers

At T&G Builders, we know the importance of an excellent PM, so we only hire those with years of experience over a wide range of projects. Our Project Managers Fred Boniello and Marty Rill are veterans to the building trades with a combined total of 60 years of experience in the industry. They are in direct contact with the homeowner every week to discuss the current status of the job as well as the future timeline, and have the task of ensuring that the project comes in on time and within the set budget. Project Managers also schedule subcontractors and make sure that their work meets our standards. When it’s all said and done, the PMs are in charge of delivering the final package to the customer.

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