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The 4 Best Porch Designs to Choose From

porch designs from T&G Builders

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Adding a porch to your home can provide you with extra space, an enjoyable and attractive outdoor space, and an increase in your home’s overall value and appearance. But with several porch designs available, how do you choose which is best? That answer may depend on how you most want to use your porch. There are four primary porch designs to choose from; read on to learn about what each porch design can offer your home. 

Front Porch

A front porch is the most traditional of porch designs, and an excellent choice for homeowners who want a space in-between indoors and outdoors to welcome guests. Front porches also foster a connection to your neighborhood, as it gives you a space to sit and greet neighbors. Front porches don’t need to be large, as even a small portico porch can provide an appealing dimension to a house and provide protection to guests at the front door. 

Back Porch

Often the most informal of the porch designs, a back porch, offers a lot of flexibility and is primarily used as a place of leisure. You can use a back porch to connect your kitchen to a garden outside, as a place to enjoy nature views, or a protected spot to observe kids playing in your backyard. 

Additionally, adding a cooking area or a mudroom to your back porch can help keep your inside rooms clean and organized. Some back porches can also be combined with a deck, so you have more than one way to enjoy your outdoor space. 

Wraparound Porch

A wraparound porch design can make a house feel more expansive. It also helps to shade the inside of your home, which can be beneficial if you receive a lot of direct sunlight. The wraparound porch surrounds your entire house, connecting a front and back porch. This gives you the flexibility to create different “zones.” You can create a seating area for guests, as well as a lounge area for relaxing on your own. 

Screened Porch

If you want to enjoy the warmth, breezes, and fragrances from your outdoor space but don’t want to sit among annoying insects or harsh sunlight, a screened porch can be the best choice. Screened porch designs allow you to use your porch more and for more activities that you wouldn’t typically want to do outside. There are various screen materials available to suit your needs and budget, including pet-proof screens for energetic pets or children, and security screens that forbid intrusion. 

When browsing possible porch designs for your home, ask yourself how your family members will want to use this space. Once you’ve decided on your preferred style, the contractors at T&G Builders can help implement the best design for your home. 

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