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How to Create a Transitional Kitchen Design

transitional kitchen design with T&G Builders

A transitional kitchen design can provide you with a classic yet modern style.

A transitional kitchen design describes a kitchen created by combining the comfort of traditional kitchen styles with the sleek cleanliness of contemporary styles. The transitional design is becoming increasingly popular as a compromise between two equally appealing styles. Creating a transitional kitchen can mean that you get a one-of-a-kind kitchen that combines the best of both worlds without clashing styles. If you are wondering where to start when creating your new transitional kitchen design, read on for a few essential style tips. 

Install Simple Kitchen Cabinets with Sleek Hardware

Because cabinets take up so much of your sightline in a kitchen, they are a crucial design element. To ensure a transitional kitchen design, you will want cabinets that are streamlined and subdued. Your hardware should also be minimal and modest, and the cabinets should enhance the overall beauty of the design in a subtle way. 

Add Streamlined Accents

Traditional kitchens often have lots of decorative accessories, while contemporary kitchens often have none. To meet these styles in the middle, incorporate minimal accessories. Simple accents like crown molding or minimal wainscoting can add an eye-catching element that doesn’t overwhelm. 

Use Natural Colors

A transitional kitchen design often uses natural colors, such as whites, grays, or beiges. The color palette is natural and sophisticated, which makes the style more timeless. Adding a pop of color through accent pieces or countertops is a great way to add some fun contemporary style to your kitchen design. 

Incorporate Textures

You can increase the personality of your transitional kitchen design by creating texture. Include polished marble or tumbled stone for a backsplash, or use sleek quartz or granite for countertops. Blending elements correctly will bring the room together while adding character to your new design. 

Combine Old and New

A transitional kitchen design is perfect for homeowners who enjoy elements of both traditional and contemporary styles. Additionally, if you have an open-concept space that includes a dining or living room, this kitchen style can increase the flow between both rooms. 

The best part of a transitional kitchen design is that you get to pick and choose your favorite style elements from traditional and contemporary designs. Then, you and your kitchen remodeling contractor can determine the best way to design your favorite features to create your new, transitional kitchen. 

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