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5 Benefits of Updating Your House Siding

benefits of updating your house siding

Explore the benefits of updating your house siding with T&G Builders.

The siding on your home is one of the most primary design components. If you have unattractive, worn-out siding, the total appearance of your house instantly decreases. However, the siding can also affect the structure of your home and its overall integrity. If you have been putting off updating your house siding, read on for a few benefits that this upgrade can give you. 

Updating Your House Siding Enhances Curb Appeal

In addition to improving your home’s structural integrity, upgrading your house siding gives your home a vibrant new look. At T&G Builders, you can choose from plank, lap siding, cedar shake, shingle, board and baton, and panel siding in wood, PVC, vinyl, or cement composite. We have numerous colors and styles available to match your home’s exterior and make your home look brand new again.

New Siding Boosts Your Home’s Property Value

While updating your house siding can be a significant investment, the investment can carry a substantial return. If you plan on selling your home in the future or consider it a possibility, replacing the siding can have a significant impact on what your home is worth because of the appearance and energy benefits that come with updated siding.

House Siding Improves Energy Efficiency

New, light-colored house siding can help reduce your energy costs! The light siding reflects the sun’s heat, while darker colors typically absorb it. This benefit is compounded when you add increased insulation or invest in a house wrap installation that helps prevent moisture and wind from penetrating your walls.

New Siding Can Reveal Hidden Structural Damage

Homes can often sustain structural damage that remains unseen beneath their siding. This damage can result, for instance, from rainwater leaking in through cracks around windows. When your contractor is installing new siding, you can ask them to check for any structural or sheathing damage visible behind your old siding. This way, you are not living in a home that is deteriorating without your knowledge!

Less Maintenance Required in the Future

New house siding will typically not require a new paint job for a long time, if ever. Additionally, when you do want to touch up your siding, the new and improved siding should be able to hold the paint longer than older siding would, which means you use less paint and save time and money. Many of the vinyl and composite materials will last a lifetime without ever needing to be painted.

Updating your house siding is an excellent way to give your home an incredible boost in quality and appearance. When you are ready to explore your options, contact the contractors at T&G Builders.

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