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The Top Home Renovation Trends to Expect in 2020

home renovation trends 2020

Installing unique appliances, such as a range oven, is one home renovation trend for the next year.

A home is one of the most significant investments people can make. Naturally, then, homeowners like to keep their home as comfortable and up-to-date as possible. This means that there are always new renovations that take place to keep your home modern and functional. Every year the home improvement market sees trends come and go due to various factors. In 2020, a few home renovation trends are expected to become especially prominent. If you are wondering what home improvements you can make this year, consider the following trends that are already sweeping through homes across the country.

A Focus on Surfaces

Research from the Joint Center for Housing Studies indicates that floor and wall surfaces remain ever-popular home improvement projects. Carpets, floors, wall paneling, and ceiling tiles account for the most substantial expenses in home renovation annually. This makes sense, as an easy way to give a room a total makeover is to refresh and change up the surfaces.

Home Wellness Tools

Wellness-focused home renovation projects are becoming increasingly popular. These projects include updating your home with nontoxic materials, installing water and air purification systems, and circadian lighting to improve your sleep. 

Renovate to Save Money

Although home renovation projects are expected to decline in the coming year, people who do elect to renovate their homes will most likely select projects that are tied to saving more significant costs. Projects like installing energy-efficient lighting, home insulation, or improved roofing are all renovation trends that can save you energy bill payments, among other things. 

Small Scale, High Impact

Another way homeowners can save money while still updating their home is by focusing on smaller-scale projects with high impact. For instance, installing sleek new sink features can help give your kitchen an updated look without requiring an extensive remodel. 

When In Doubt, Paint 

Paint companies continue to see strong growth because freshening the paint in your home is always a relatively easy, cost-effective solution for updating your home. Whether you repaint walls or doors or add an accent wall with paint or wallpaper, this simple home renovation project will give your home a boost of beauty. 

Installing Custom Features

Features that were previously limited to semi-custom or custom cabinetry, such as soft-close drawers or custom sizing, are increasingly becoming more available and for less money. This means that your kitchen or bathroom home renovation can be much more customizable than it could have been in the past. 

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