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6 Tips for a Kitchen Design That Ages With You

kitchen design that ages with you

Take your chance now to select a kitchen design that will last into your retirement years.

If you intend to enjoy your home into old age, there are certain kitchen designs you can implement now that will make your kitchen fit any future changes in your lifestyle. “Aging in place,” or planning to spend retirement and your senior years in your residence while maintaining independence, is a choice that can be made much more comfortable with the right home design. A functional kitchen is essential for independence with aging; read on for kitchen design tips that will make your home accessible and safe for you for years to come. 

Reduce Bending and Reaching

Cabinet organizers are great for keeping your dry goods accessible, but more than your storage needs to be simplified. You can select a new kitchen design with electrical outlets within arm’s reach. Installing faucets that are hands-free or single-lever also reduce reaching. 

Make More Space

You can create some extra space for wheelchairs and walkers in your kitchen by expanding walkways and work stations. 42 to 48 inches should be wide enough for wheelchairs and will keep your kitchen from feeling overcrowded. 

Prolonged standing can become tiring as you age, so it is also essential to make room for rest areas in your kitchen. A kitchen countertop or island with open space under it can be a desk now while acting as an accessible workspace for elderly family members. 

Reduce Falls

To reduce the chance of dangerous falls, keep your flooring options slip-resistant, and install sturdy edges wherever you can. Avoid placing floor mats or rugs, which can also cause accidents. 

Keep Cabinet Contents Easy to Find

Glass cabinet doors can let you know where your various food and supplies are, which can cut down on potential moments of confusion. Additionally, motion detector light switches are a useful option for lighting up cabinets for extra visibility. 

Install Easy-to-Use Appliances

Installing appliances that have clear, easy-to-read displays with accessible controls and dials on the front will make using your kitchen much easier. You may consider a drawer-style dishwasher since their convenience is higher. Keep your microwave on a countertop or at cabinet height, rather than lofted above the stove. Additionally, wall ovens can allow for easy baking with little back strain. 

Select Helpful Hardware

D-style drawer pulls and lever handles are comfortable and sturdy handles that can be used with ease by anybody. Sleek and decorative knobs may be more attractive, but they become less usable as you and your kitchen design age. Fortunately, there are countless hardware options you can explore for accessibility as well as design. 

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