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How to Design Your Multi-Generational Home

A multi-generational family sits in their living room

Remember to create large communal living spaces when designing your multi-generational home.

Planning your dream home requires all kinds of considerations. If your home is going to include in-laws and children, you will need to consider what accommodations will be necessary for every family member to feel at home. A multi-generational home can be a great way to bond families and to share living costs with multiple family members. Whether you are building a new multi-generational home or planning an addition, there are a few factors to consider before you start construction on your new home. 

Everyone Should Have Their Space 

In a multi-generational home, it is important that every family member feels they have a personal space to call their own. For instance, an in-law suite addition with its separate entrance and a kitchenette allows for privacy and independence. 

Create Family Spaces With Room to Gather

The communal spaces of the multi-generational home, such as the kitchen and living room, should be large enough to accommodate all family members. Installing easy-to-use cabinets and appliances makes the spaces accessible for everyone, and creating storage spaces for children’s toys prevents tripping hazards and clutter. 

Plan Outdoor Gathering Spaces 

Ample outdoor space for family gatherings is also a beneficial feature for multi-generational homes. Consider installing a back deck with a ramp for easy access for older relatives. Fire pits and backyard barbecue spaces are great installations for family communal spaces. 

Your Multi-Generational Home Should Be Accessible 

If you have small children, you will want to childproof your home or addition for their safety. Additionally, you will want to ensure that your home is accessible for elderly family members. For instance, make sure all rooms are adequately lit and that doors are wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers. Accessible bathrooms are also essential for elderly relatives. 

Consider Open Floor Plans for Easy Access

Open floor plans, which remove walls between rooms, are also beneficial for accessibility. These plans also foster togetherness and inclusivity among family members, particularly if the kitchen and family room share an open floor plan. 

Consider the Amount of Garage Space

With more people living in your home, you will likely have more people who need the use of your home’s garage. You will have to consider whether you will need to add or build an attached or detached garage. You will also need to know how many family members will be using cars to determine how much space you need in the multi-generational home garage. 

Keep Your Home Design Flexible

The most important thing to remember while planning your multi-generational home is to be flexible. You can design for your current needs, but consider how things may change in a few years. Will you have more children? Will any family member be moving out? Design your rooms so that they could potentially be used for other purposes.

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