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What to Consider Before Planning a Garage Addition

A garage addition with a second-floor living space.

A garage addition can be separate from your home and include a secondary living space such as this one.

A garage addition can add a significant amount of space to your property. Because garage additions are such a huge undertaking for any homeowner, it is crucial to carefully research what kind of garage addition you are allowed to have, and how big your addition should be considering how you plan on using it. Before you call a contractor and start construction, consider these factors that will help you plan the best course of action for your garage addition. 

Zoning Laws

Before making any plans, you need to know what the zoning laws are in your area. These laws will state where a garage can be located on your property, along with size limitations. Special requirements, such as roofing materials and drainage considerations, are also specified. After checking zoning laws, you know whether you can add a garage at all and, if so, what your limitations are. Contact a competent builder to assist you with navigating all relevant zoning laws. 

Attached or Detached? 

Do you want your garage to be attached or detached from the rest of the house? If you only plan on using a garage for a car park, an attached garage will be the cheapest option because you only need to build three walls. A detached garage is best if you intend to use the garage addition as a workshop. 

Single or Double Car Garage?

Will you want your garage to have space for one parked car, or two? If you are planning a single car garage, it is recommended to start with a 14×20 foot addition. A two-car garage can begin as a 20×24 foot addition. If you want additional space for a workbench or storage, you will want to add at least six to eight feet to the garage. 

The Driveway

If you are planning an attached garage, and already have a carport, your existing driveway will likely be sufficient. If it is not, you will need to plan on a 10-foot wide driveway traveling from the garage to the street. If there are trees or a wall on either side of the driveway, you may want to widen the driveway to 14 feet to make sure your car doors have clearance. 

For a two-car garage, a 20×24 foot wide driveway will suffice. You also need to factor in whether you have to turn the car around to pull out onto a busy street. Depending on your property, you will have to build the driveway space needed. 

How the Garage Addition Will Match Your Home

You will want to take care to make your garage addition look like it fits in with the rest of your home. If you are planing an attached garage, adding a side door and a couple of windows make the addition look like any other room. You will also want to blend the roof overhang into your house’s existing roof, for appealing continuity. 

Estimated Costs

The prices for garage additions can vary based on your location, your materials, and any added extras you may require. It is suggested that while preparing for your garage addition, you plan on using about 30 to 75 dollars per square foot for a basic garage addition. 

Any Secondary Living Spaces

Will you have any secondary living spaces above your new garage? This is quite common, as many people plan a rec room, TV room, or playroom above their garage. Knowing ahead of time that you want this room added to your garage addition means you can prepare for additional construction steps and any architectural details you would like to add to this space. 

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