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How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Island

a kitchen island with seating and a stovetop

Ask yourself the following questions before designing your dream kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are growing in popularity, and rightly so as they can add storage, counter space, and eye-catching style to any home kitchen. They provide an excellent space for both easy cooking and socializing. It can be challenging to find the perfect design for your kitchen, however, especially because the varieties are almost endless. There is no one way to design a kitchen island, but there are a few basic guidelines that will help you decide what design is best for your home. Before you plan a remodel and kitchen island addition, ask yourself the following six questions. 

What Is the Function of the Kitchen Island? 

Before determining the details of the kitchen island design, it is essential to know what the primary function of your island will be. Will you focus primarily on cooking, prep work, cleaning, entertaining, or eating? Will you have kids doing homework at the counter? Do you want sinks or appliances on the island? Once you know what you want out of your kitchen island, the smaller decisions will fall into place. 

Does Your Kitchen Island Require Appliances? 

If you have decided that you will incorporate kitchen appliances into the island, you must plan the function and the spacing. For instance, if you want to install a cooktop, you need to take the space for a hood or exhaust vent into account. It is helpful to make a list of what you want on your kitchen island, in order of priority so that you can design the optimal kitchen island for your home. 

How Much Storage is Required? 

If you have enough cabinet storage in your kitchen already, you may not need any more in your kitchen island. However, if the island is going to be your main prep area, you should make space for essential meal prep tools and utensils near the island. 

How High Should the Counter Be? 

The height of a kitchen island can vary. A 42-inch bar stool and bar has a little more flexibility. You can design the kitchen island on two levels: the dining side would be set higher to accommodate bar stools, while the working side would be lower for prep work. 

A 36-inch high bar offers a less flexible in design, but can be a good choice for an island that is a primary eating area. 

How Will The Island Fit Into Your Kitchen? 

It is important to consider how your kitchen island design will organically fit into your existing kitchen. Will it complete the work triangle of the sink, refrigerator, and range? You will also need to ensure that there are roughly three feet of floor-space on the island’s ends.

Should You Hire a Designer? 

In general, we recommend hiring a designer for your kitchen island. Because of the importance of the kitchen island function, expertise is required. A designer can assist you when figuring out what appliances will fit into your kitchen island, the perfect location for your island, and how it can best cohere with your existing design. Most cabinet companies offer design as a free service, and T&G Builders can offer designs at no cost to the customer. 

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