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4 Ideas for Your Next Summer Home Remodeling Project

summer home remodeling project

Kitchen cabinets that move away from traditional colors are one of four inspirations for your next summer home remodeling project.

As Spring approaches and freezing weather finally retreats, you are finally able to begin the process of opening up your summer home for the season. You may also be considering updating your summer home with a remodeling project or two, to give it a fresh look and to incorporate a stylish new trend. If you are overwhelmed by the countless design options and style inspirations for summer home remodels, we have a few suggestions for projects large and small that can give your summer home an updated look. Read on for a few summer home remodeling projects that you can start planning today. 

Unique Cabinet Colors

If you want an easy way to update your summer home kitchen, you may consider repainting your kitchen cabinets or installing new ones with a unique design. Traditionally, kitchen cabinets are either painted white or left to their natural wood grain look. However, selecting new, unique colors can add a splash of personality to your home. For instance, a dark forest green paired with black countertops can create a serene, stylish kitchen without getting too “kooky.” Experiment with your options to determine which colors might suit the design of your home. 

Concrete Countertops

In the past, concrete countertops have been associated with a more industrial design, but recently this style has been rising in popularity across different design styles. Concrete countertops can be more cost-effective than quartz or marble, and they create a smooth, attractive look for your kitchen. If you’re looking for a summer home remodeling project that adds a little bit of character to your home, concrete countertops may be just the thing. 

Lime Wash Walls

This tasteful painting technique acts as a fusion between vintage and modern styles. Whether you use it for an accent wall or on all four walls, lime wash walls can increase the relaxation of a room and give it depth. Lime wash walls look effortlessly stylish, so it is especially useful for rooms in which you don’t want to add much more wall decor. 

Enclosing a Two-Story Space

In the past, having an open two-story space was a design trend that allows ceilings to be sky-high and second-story hallways to be open cat-walks. However, now homeowners are looking for more ways to increase the usability of their space, which is what enclosing that two-story space can do. This is an extensive home remodeling project, so you should consult with custom home builders to determine what approach may be possible for your summer home. 

The expert designers at T&G Builders can answer any questions you may have about your upcoming summer home remodeling projects. We can also offer inspiration from our past designs if you are looking for even more ways to update your home this year. 

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

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