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4 Reasons to Convert Your Outdoor Deck Into a Screened Porch

convert a screened porch

A screened porch renovation can be an excellent way to expand your outdoor space.

If you are looking for a year-round way to enjoy your outdoor living space, converting an outdoor porch or deck into a screened porch can be an excellent solution. While decks, patios, or porches without screens can be an enjoyable living space in which to enjoy seasonable afternoons, they can put you in the way of bugs and harsh weather. By converting your outdoor space into a new screened porch, you can enjoy protection from the sun and insects, a new entertainment space, increased privacy, and cooling and heating, which extend your outdoor life. Read on for more information on how a screened porch can benefit your lifestyle. 

Shield Yourself From Sun and Summer Insects

One of the best advantages of converting an outdoor space into a screened porch is that you can create a shady, serene space to enjoy the warm weather. It can be tempting to spend the summer days outside eating, reading, or playing with pets or kids, but the hot sunshine can make the experience uncomfortable. By adding a screen perimeter and roof to your porch or deck, you can create an outdoor space that lets you enjoy the warmth under refreshing shade. Better yet, the mesh screens prevent pesky mosquitos and insects from bothering you during your time outdoors. 

Create a Welcoming Entertainment Space

Creating a screened-in porch area also means that you are creating additional space for entertaining friends and family. You can increase the ambiance of your screened porch by installing various light features that are perfect for evenings spent outdoors. With the right lighting options installed on your new screened porch, you can make it easy for guests to stay late and enjoy the summer nights.

Enjoy a Private Outdoor Space 

Although mesh screens are not opaque, they still offer quite a bit of privacy. This makes screened porches ideal for those who want a little extra privacy for their outdoor living spaces. You can also explore various design features that can cover the mesh screens and provide even more privacy. 

Extend Your Outdoor Life

A screened outdoor area can be very enjoyable during the summer, but you will also want to extend your outdoor life as much as you can. You can do this by installing heaters in your new porch ceiling that provide enough heat to make it a comfortable space into the fall. If you are also interested in increasing your comfort level during the summer, you can install ceiling fans for a refreshing breeze. 

By renovating your outdoor living space and creating an ideal screened space, you can find pleasurable new ways to enjoy the outdoors and the company of your friends and family. 

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