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6 Advantages of a New Walk-In Shower Design

new walk-in shower design

A new walk-in shower design can make your bathroom appear larger, and make it more accessible for all.

If you are seeking a new, luxurious shower design, a walk-in shower may be an excellent choice. Renovating your bathroom to remove an outdated shower or tub that either doesn’t have enough space, is a pain to clean, or is merely outdated can greatly improve your home comfort. Installing a new walk-in shower in place of your outdated shower or bath can improve your bathroom significantly. In addition to providing a luxurious new look, these showers offer a few other significant benefits. Read on to learn how a new walk-in shower can be a worthwhile investment.

A Comfortable Showering Experience

A new walk-in shower can vastly improve upon a more traditional shower by expanding your space and increasing your comfort. Walk-in showers are often larger than conventional showers, which means you have plenty of space to move around without knocking your arms or legs on shower walls. 

An Easy-to-Clean Shower

While showers or baths would often be the most time-consuming cleaning task in your bathroom, walk-in showers can often be easier to clean. In particular, the streamlined design of many walk-in showers means that there are fewer smaller crevices to clean and scrub in your shower. 

Your Bathroom Will Feel Larger

A remodel is an excellent opportunity to make your bathroom feel larger. You can do this by adding square footage, but you can also create the illusion of a larger bathroom by installing a new walk-in shower. By having tile run to the ceiling, you increase the appearance of the height of your bathroom. Additionally, a clear glass shower entry door rather than a curtain enhances your bathroom’s spacious appearance. 

Recessed Storage Space

Often a new walk-in shower can be designed with recessed storage spaces within it. These design features contribute to your shower’s seamless and sleek design while providing you with ample space to store toiletries and shower accessories. 

Increased Home Value

Homebuyers expect more from modern homes, and by installing a sleek and spacious walk-in shower, you increase your home’s value and appeal significantly. 

Your Shower Ages With You

If aging in place is important to you, you should consider how your home’s most critical rooms will age. When you install a walk-in shower, you can customize the shower more easily for bench seating. Additionally, the curbless entry makes this shower uniquely accessible. 

By adding a new walk-in shower to your bathroom, you can prepare yourself for the future, save yourself cleaning time and increase the luxurious look of your home bathroom. 

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