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Tips for Increasing the Cleanliness of Your Kitchen Backsplash

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A kitchen backsplash with professionally-installed large tiles will be easier to clean.

Kitchen backsplash tiles are a popular kitchen design element because they can significantly improve the appearance of any kitchen. However, for your backsplash to truly be an asset, it must be kept clean. When your kitchen backsplash is located near stoves and countertops that quickly spread dirt and grime, it is not so easy to clean. You can help keep your backsplash clean and attractive by following these simple tips below for upgrading your kitchen backsplash. 

Install the Right Type of Tile

Not all tile is appropriate for kitchen backsplash. However, you and your kitchen can suffer in the long run if you don’t select the right tile. The best type of tile for backsplash will be smooth, which makes it very easy to clean. Additionally, using large tiles means that you will have less tricky grout to clean. 

If you want a super smooth surface, you can install a full-height solid surface backsplash. Granite or quartz slabs can be used instead of tile to not only give your kitchen a sleek look but to make your backsplash supremely easy to clean. 

Have Your Backsplash Professionally Installed

You should not attempt to install your kitchen backsplash if you do not have experience doing so. Tiles that are improperly installed may leave gaps and imperfections that become very challenging to clean. Pieces of food or debris can easily get trapped behind and around your tiles if the installation is not professionally done. 

Seal Your Kitchen Backsplash

You should request that your backsplash installer applies a sealant to your backsplash. This sealant will help to keep grout lines clean and again make it much easier to wipe down your backsplash when any part gets greasy or dirty. 

Use the Right Type of Cleaner

You should be using a degreaser when you clean your kitchen backsplash. Bleach will eat away at your grout, and many standard cleaning solutions will not cut through grease. A degrease that is diluted according to the directions is an excellent solution for cleaning backsplash tiles. 

However, you can also use a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid is designed to cut through grease, but you must make sure to rinse and dry it properly to avoid unpleasant soap buildup. 

Keep Up With Your Backsplash

The best way to avoid huge messes on your kitchen backsplash is to keep up with the regular cleaning of it. This section of your kitchen can be easy to neglect if you don’t make it a habit. If you want to make the most of your kitchen design, tending to your kitchen backsplash is essential. If you are ready to upgrade your kitchen and its backsplash, contact T&G Builders today. 

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