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The Best Kitchen Countertops That Minimize Surface Germs

kitchen countertops that minimize germs

Granite kitchen countertops are one of several kitchen countertops that can help minimize the growth of bacteria and germs.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and often the central place of family gatherings. You naturally want this room to be as clean as it can be. With the right countertop materials, your kitchen can be not only clean and germ-free but also easy to clean even with lots of use. Doing what you can to protect yourself from bacteria can help protect your family from the coronavirus, but from E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. Porous countertop materials like wood and natural stone are breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, and mold. The following non-porous kitchen countertops will all help prevent the growth of kitchen bacteria and germs. 

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is one of the most durable and hygienic countertop materials. It is made from a mixture of natural minerals held together with polymers and resin. As a result of this, quartz countertops are non-porous with no place for bacteria to hide. All you need to clean your countertops is to use soap and clean the countertops with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. 

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops were created by blending pure acrylic resin with natural minerals. The grout-free design makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Solid surface kitchen countertops are also non-porous and stain-resistant. You only need to use a soft, cotton cloth and warm soapy water to clean the counters. You should never use harsh commercial cleaners on solid surface counters, which can damage the materials. 

Laminate Countertops

Laminate can offer homeowners a high-end look with an affordable price tag. Some brands of laminate countertops are antimicrobial and can replicate the looks of natural stone or wood countertops without the disadvantages. However, to fully protect your countertop from encouraging bacterial growth, avoid leaving excess water on the countertop, especially near the seams as this can make the materials swell. 

Granite Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are composed of the highest-grade naturally occurring material. Granite, like marble, must be sealed to reduce porousness. Professional sealing can maintain granite’s natural beauty while preventing the harboring of harmful germs and bacteria. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach to clean your countertops. 

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