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3 Examples of Touch-Free Kitchen Technology

touch-free kitchen technology

Touch-free kitchen technology like hands-free faucets are becoming increasingly popular.

Household technology is evolving every day, especially within the kitchen. An increasingly popular feature in appliances and kitchen lighting is touch-free technology. This touch-free kitchen technology can not only make daily activities a little bit easier but can also decrease the likelihood of germs and bacteria (and mess!) being spread across your kitchen surfaces. Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your home, so it is worth considering such updates to make your kitchen experience the best it can be. Below are three examples of touch-free kitchen technology that you may consider adding to your kitchen design. 

Touch-Free Kitchen Faucets

Touch-free kitchen faucets are often very sleek and visually appealing while providing many benefits to the homeowner. These faucets can help you consume less water while reducing the spread of germs and grime. Touch-free faucets are more hygienic and ideal for families who have a lot of people using the kitchen, or at-home chefs who wish to free up their hands while cooking. This touch-free kitchen technology can be operated with a tap of the hand, wrist, or forearm on the faucet head while others may use motion sensors. 

Custom Kitchen Lighting

The variety of kitchen lighting available today means that your kitchen can be designed to look as impressive and as stylish as you wish. Proper light can illuminate your design, increase the safety of your kitchen, and can even influence the mood of the room. Most of the touch-free kitchen technology related to lighting involves lights that are operated with a remote, smartphone, or tablet or an eco-friendly motion sensor. Additionally, some lighting may be pre-programmed, single-touch task lighting. Finding custom lighting to suit your kitchen needs is becoming increasingly easy. 

Smart Refrigerators

Touch-free kitchen technology is growing to include “smart” refrigerators and appliances, including ovens, microwaves, and more. These appliances are often energy-efficient and have a ton of helpful programs that are often one click away. Some smart refrigerators allow users to virtually view the contents of their fridge from their smartphone, which eliminates unnecessary opening of the fridge doors. Some fridges can display local weather and news on the front door, while other refrigerators can automatically adjust compartment temperatures and humidity levels. 

The next time you wish to update your kitchen, consider adding one or more of these useful new appliances. 

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