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5 Features for a Luxurious Living Room

T&G Builders luxurious living room

You can build a luxurious living room by creating lots of space for conversation, movement, and entertainment.

Your living room serves many purposes. Whether you are hosting friends, enjoying a movie night with the family, or just relaxing in peace after a busy day, your living room should always be comfortable, functional, and beautiful. If you are preparing to design a new living room or remodel an existing one, it’s time to consider a few features that will always add some much-desired luxury and comfort. If you are eager to design a new luxurious living room with T&G Builders, create a space that includes the following features. 

A Conversation Space

Your living room should have enough space to sit your entire family and any guests you may have visiting. This room is designed to encourage quality time with your loved ones, and the layout should encourage conversation and closeness. Avoid placing furniture in random sections of the room or unreasonably far apart. 

Chairs, sofas, and couches could be arranged in close proximity with enough space to allow for an easy flow of conversation. If you fail to create enough space, you may end up with an awkward living room arrangement that only allows for a few people to gather comfortably at one time.

Entertainment for All

Your luxurious living room should be appealing to all ages, as your entire household will be using this space. Installing a large television is one way to create an entertainment space, but you may also include room for a pool table, tables for puzzles or board games, and designated storage space for video games, board and card games, and pet toys. 

If your living room is connected to an outdoor space, you will also want to consider installing sliding doors or other convenient elements that help you seamlessly move indoors and outdoors when entertaining. 

Install a Bar for the Adults

If you are eager to entertain in your home, you may install a small bar in your luxurious living room. This can make it easy to keep everyone in the same space as they chat while keeping drinks within reach. If you want to add extra luxury, you can install a temperature-controlled wine cellar that is essentially a convenient closet to contain your wine bottles and keep them in their best condition.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is essential for creating a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere. Any living room should feature different lighting solutions to provide maximum versatility. To create versatile lighting, install various fixtures, including ceiling lights, task lighting, and lights controlled by dimmer switches. 

Avoid Clutter

Living rooms are meant to be lived in, but that doesn’t mean they have to be messy. Make sure your new family room has enough space for you and your loved ones and that everyone can easily pass through the room without bumping into furniture. 

The entrance and exit should be easily accessible and a good rule to remember is to allow 18 inches between the sofa and coffee table to prevent overcrowding. Larger items should provide about 30 to 36 inches of walkway space. 

By considering these factors of space, design, and accessibility, you can create a luxurious living room that is the most enjoyable room in your house. 

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