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7 Signs Your Kitchen Design is Overdue for an Update

T&G Builders kitchen design update

Does your kitchen design need an update? Work with T&G Builders to create something modern and fresh!

When you first designed your kitchen, you may have been excited to include the latest fads and trendy colors. However, as time goes on, those shiny new appliances or quirky features may lose their appeal. If you’ve noticed that your kitchen design doesn’t quite fit the rest of your home design, it may be overdue for an update. Updating your kitchen with the experienced team of T&G Builders can help you create a functional kitchen you love to spend time in. Do you think your kitchen is out of date? Look for these tell-tale signs. 

Quirky Appliances

Do you have kitchen appliances or features in outdated colors like avocado or with textured designs? These style trends may have been exciting once, but now they can instantly make your kitchen look out of the past. If your appliances are not working optimally, now’s the time to replace them with new, energy-efficient appliances and features. Alternatively, you may also install cabinet refacing and front panels that can conceal dated but functional appliances. 

Bland Walls and Borders

Old trends like sponge-painted walls and wallpaper trims can make your kitchen look out of step with the modern age. As with any room, a great way to update your kitchen design is to choose new colors for the walls – your whole space will be reinvigorated! 

Oak and Pine Cabinets 

In the past, heavy oak and knotty pine cabinets were more typical. However, now when kitchen design leans more toward light, airy, and sleek designs, those old cabinets can look out-of-date. To update your design, you can explore cabinet refacing to install cabinets made of different materials and new colors. Using a light color scheme can be an excellent way to make your kitchen design feel more welcoming and open than it did before. 

Antiquated Hardware

If your kitchen cabinets and drawers are still sporting brass, antiqued, or exposed hinge hardware, it may be time to update your design to seek new, sleek hardware options. Consider classics like stainless steel or brushed nickel. Or, you may try bold options like gunmetal or matte black knobs or pulls. 

Geometric Floor Patterns

Geometric patterns and faux brick are two designs that are a blast from the past. While linoleum was once a groundbreaking material, flooring options for your kitchen have greatly expanded in recent years. You might consider, for example, installing wide vinyl plank flooring. You want something simple for your kitchen to help it look larger and less cluttered. 

Tile and Grout Countertops

If you have old countertops with aggravating tile and grout designs, you can make cleaning much easier by replacing that tile with quartz. Food prep and grout do not mix well together, so installing smooth, durable, and antimicrobial quartz countertops is best. 

Ceiling Fans 

In the past, installing ceiling fans in your kitchen may have been more common to provide overhead lighting and help lower those hot kitchen temperatures. However, not everyone enjoys the look of those bulky fans on their kitchen ceiling. To create a sleeker, modern kitchen design, consider replacing the fan with alternative lighting fixtures and installing exhaust fans or windows that can cool down the room. 

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