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Your Guide to Effective Bathroom Lighting

T&G Builders effective bathroom lighting

Effective bathroom lighting includes task lighting above the vanity for maximum clarity.

An essential part of remodeling any room, especially the bathroom, is the lighting you choose. Bathrooms need to be well-lit because of the importance of everything we do in these rooms. How will you start your day on the right foot if you can’t properly clean yourself, wash your hair, or shave your face? Besides practical necessity, effective bathroom lighting will also provide soothing ambiance when needed. Before you design your bathroom lighting scheme with T&G Builders, consider the following possibilities and how different light fixtures, bulbs, and designs can have an impact. 

Key Types of Effective Bathroom Lighting

Recessed Lighting

This type of bathroom lighting is quite common and very functional. Recessed lighting can be installed throughout your bathroom, even over shower stalls or tubs. Adding recessed lighting over your mirror can also be a seamless way to provide the illumination you need. 


These are the traditional overhead lights commonly seen in bathrooms. They diffuse light throughout a small space quite effectively. However, they often cast shadows, so it’s often best to install task lighting in addition to this overhead option. 

Task Lighting

There is a range of options when it comes to task lighting. For bathrooms, task lighting refers to lighting around or above the mirror and sink area, where you spend most time shaving, brushing teeth, or applying makeup – all tasks that require focused lighting. A few task lighting options include: 

  • A light bar above the mirror
  • A single bulb
  • Series of bulbs in a row above the mirror
  • Lighted vanity mirror or medicine cabinet
  • Sconces on either side of the mirror 

The Best Bathroom Light Bulbs

Light bulbs vary in how much light they produce. When selecting your light bulbs, consider how much natural light you have and the color of the walls and fixtures. LED bulbs are the most popular because of their long lifespan and energy efficiency. Consider installing the following: 

  • Daylight bulbs provide a clear, bright light that doesn’t look yellow or dull. Look for 3500K-5000K to achieve this atmosphere. Search for 2700K-3500K in your light bulb descriptions for a warmer look. 
  • Dimmable light bulbs and switches are essential for enjoying versatility and comfort in your bathroom design. 
  • Consider bulb exposure. Will the light bulb be visible in your light fixture? If so, consider the bulbs with a porcelain finish for a more stylish look. 

Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

The most effective bathroom lighting will take into consideration the size of your bathroom. The right lighting can make small bathrooms look large and illuminate all corners of a large bathroom.

For small bathrooms, consider downlighting as an economical option, especially for half baths. If you have room in your primary bathroom, consider adding task lighting around your mirror in addition to your downlight. 

For a large bathroom, a combination of recessed lighting and vanity task lighting can provide both form and function. You may also have natural light to consider, so make sure to consult with your home designer to determine how your fixtures can fit with the natural light. 

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