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Bathroom Styles and Trends to Inspire Your Next Remodel

T&G builders bathroom styles and trends

Consider bathroom styles and trends like colorful shower tiles to inspire your next design.

Are you considering a bathroom remodel? The options can feel endless, so deciding which style you want or which part of your bathroom you want to remodel can be challenging. If you wish to update the shower tiles or remodel your bathroom, T&G Builders can help you create the new bathroom you adore. If you need inspiration for your next remodel, consider some popular bathroom styles and trends, like natural materials, backlit mirrors, patterned floors, and textured walls. 

Natural Materials and Wood 

Interior design is slowly shifting towards appreciating natural materials in the home. Bringing outdoor elements inside allows for a touch of originality, and many natural materials, like wood, have unique variations to provide you with numerous design options. 

Backlit Mirrors Add Modern Glamor

One of the rising bathroom styles and trends is the move from “Hollywood” lighting along the bathroom mirror to backlit installations. A backlit mirror provides soft, ambient lighting to your bathroom and task lighting for your vanity. This is a sleeker, modern improvement over the previous trend of placing multiple lights or sconces alongside the bathroom mirror. 

Patterned Tiles Bring Bathroom Boldness

Patterned floor tiles are a rising trend for homeowners who want to design a bold bathroom. If you want a dynamic design, using the floor as a place for bold patterns can be an easy way to create a vibrant look for the bathroom. You can leave the other features neutral and use a patterned tile floor to avoid a completely bland and neutral design. 

Textured Tiles and Wall Coverings

Like bathroom styles and trends focusing on bold flooring, the textured tile trend helps provide a splash of style. You can add depth and dimension to your bathroom with textured tiles or wall coverings instead of leaving them flat and simple. This style might be ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms that do not have much space for unique design elements. 

Introduce Color with Shower Tiles

Color can have a significant impact on your bathroom. When adding color to your bathroom design, there are a few different methods you can explore. Increasingly, more homeowners say shower tiles are their favorite way to add new color to a space. Your shower is a design focal point that allows you to go bold with color without covering the entire room. Adding color to your shower also allows you to keep the rest of the bathroom in neutral tones while relying on pops of color for style. 

Showers Are the Biggest Priority

One of the consistent bathroom styles and trends that homeowners enjoy is the shower remodel. While remodeling your entire bathroom can be a significant undertaking, you can remodel your shower for less time and expense while significantly impacting your overall design. Because your shower takes up a lot of space, dominates your overall color scheme, and plays a big role in the room’s functionality, many homeowners prioritize upgrading their shower. If you are ready to upgrade your shower or other bathroom design features, contact T&G Builders today to start planning your new bathroom remodel. 

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