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8 of the Best Remodeling Projects That Add Home Value

T&G builders remodeling project add home value

Several remodeling projects can add home value, including updating your home siding.

Remodeling your home gives you an excellent opportunity to turn your current property into your dream home. However, it also allows you to add home value to your property. What are some of the best remodeling projects for when you want to increase your property value while also beautifying the house?  

Add Energy-Efficient Features

Energy efficiency is a top priority for many homebuyers, so adding energy-efficient features to your property is a great way to add home value and appeal. Small investments, like an efficient washer and dryer, are a great way to get started, but you can also make more significant investments, like energy-efficient windows.

Finish a Room

Sometimes homeowners end up with a house that does not have a purpose for every single room. Taking time to finish rooms and show buyers their potential can add home value and make it easier for new buyers to visualize themselves living in this house.

Replace the Garage Door

The second best outdoor project to add value to your property is replacing the garage door. An appealing garage door that is outfitted with features like windows or advanced motion sensors is something that prospective buyers will care about.

A Small Kitchen Remodel

While it can be tempting to completely transform your kitchen, a minor kitchen remodel will give you a great return on your investment and add home value to your property. In fact, statistics show that 78% of what is spent on a minor kitchen remodel is reflected in the overall value.

Add a Deck

Many buyers want properties that include outdoor living amenities. One such amenity that is in demand is a wooden deck. Decks are easy to install and add significant functionality. 

Use Manufactured Stone to Add a Stone Veneer

Installing stone veneer is one of the best exterior projects you can complete to add home value. Manufactured stone is easy to install when you work with the right partner, and it adds plenty of personality to any house.

Update an Old Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling projects also add home value to your property. A minor bathroom refresh can reflect an average of 64% of the project’s total cost in the property’s value. Focus on upgrading things like the fixtures on your sink and the paint or wallpaper.

Replace the Siding

Even if you take good care of the siding, it will eventually wear out over time. Replacing the siding at your house is a simple and easy repair that dramatically improves curb appeal and adds value.

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