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Can You Benefit From One of These Home Addition Designs?

T&G Builders home addition designs

Explore the creative home addition designs that can expand your property.

If you’re considering a home renovation that involves a home addition, you may already feel overwhelmed. That’s because there are so many options out there that while you may recognize that you want more space and flexibility with your home, you may not know where to begin with finding the right home addition designs.

Here’s the good news: we have a rundown on all of the most common home addition designs so you can make an informed decision about which one, if any, is right for you.

Build Out

Perhaps one of the most common home addition designs, a build out is when you build out the side, back, or front of your home. This gives you plenty of flexibility, such that you can build several rooms or even an entire apartment for the in-laws. This is especially the case if you’re building behind your house, which won’t be seen from the street, allowing you to get a bit more creative and really express yourself. 

Bump Out

Bump outs are the most simple kind of home addition and simply require making a room bigger or adding smaller spaces like a bathroom. It’s the least invasive, most simple option out there and is ideal for making a bedroom bigger, giving you more breathing room in your kitchen, or adding a much-needed half bath to your home. It’s the least expensive option, so if you’re tight on space and money, consider a bump out. 

Build Up

If you can’t build horizontally, consider building vertically. Adding space onto your home with a second-floor addition can be a huge space saving option and can nearly double your home’s square footage in some cases. You will need to add stairs, which makes these home addition designs a bit more complex.

Single Room

Single room additions are great if you need a limited amount of space like a sunroom, porch, or garage. This is a great opportunity to add some additional space to lounge around and can be a great way to make your home work better for your family.

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