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4 Reasons Why Building a Garage Addition is Worth It

T&G Builders building a garage addition

Building a garage addition can provide you with valuable space and home value.

There are numerous upgrades you can make to your Maryland home and many that will add more space to your property. Before deciding which addition to build, it’s always worth considering the benefits of each addition. Building a garage is one way to add a versatile space to your home that can serve many purposes over several years. Additionally, a garage space will increase your home’s value, as most homeowners are searching for properties with this convenient addition. If you are interested in building a new garage this coming year with T&G Builders, read on to learn the four primary reasons why building a garage addition is always worth it. 

Add More Space

A garage addition will add more space to your home. Garages can be used as a place to park your vehicles, away from damaging weather, and a place that works as storage for things like outdoor equipment. You can also use your garage to store toys, bikes, and other outdoor sporting equipment. You can use your garage for many versatile purposes, including as a workshop for any “handy” household member. 

Additional Storage Space

Because building a garage gives you more space, you may use that space as much-needed storage. Shelving and racks can be installed in your garage to house items that receive occasional use, like seasonal decorations and car cleaning supplies. 

When planning your garage addition, one thing to consider is how many bays you want. You should know beforehand how you wish to use your garage space and what you will need to store in it to determine how many storage bays you want and how much space you need on the floor. 

Increased Home Value and Curb Appeal 

Although building a garage addition does not add square footage to the living space inside your home, it does increase the total square footage of your property. If you sell your home in the future, homebuyers will appreciate the convenience that having a garage can offer to everyday life. 

This addition also increases your curb appeal, as you now have a place to store outdoor tools or toys that might otherwise be visible to passersby. You can also park your car in the garage, leaving the front of your home clean and well-kept. 

Protect Your Valuable Assets

A garage addition helps you protect your valuable assets by providing a place to store items away from the elements when you are not using them. One of the primary assets to protect is your vehicle. When you can keep your car in the garage, away from rain, snow, ice, and pollen, you can prevent the buildup of grime, dirt, and even rust on your vehicle. 

The same protection is offered for lawn equipment, such as lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other high-price items. If you want a place to store valuable items neatly and securely, installing a garage is always worthwhile. 

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