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Deck Remodeling Ideas for Summer

t&g builders deck remodeling ideas

Consider these deck remodeling ideas for your backyard oasis.

If your deck isn’t interesting or appealing to you anymore, it may be time to start a renovation project. Deck remodeling projects can give your deck a style makeover while also adding to its utility. If you need to add more seating, more shade, or a cooking area, a remodel can allow you to do so while choosing the most attractive new designs. Summer is a great time of year to undertake renovations, as the weather is best for outdoor work on your home. As you start to plan what your new deck may look like, consider the options below. 

Repair and Restore Your Deck 

The first step for any deck remodeling project is to repair any existing problems. If your deck is suffering wear and tear, that is the most important thing to fix so you can make sure that the structure continues to stand firm in the future. 

Consider the Railing 

If your deck previously lacked a railing, you may consider adding one. Alternatively, if the deck already has a railing, you can add decorative elements to freshen its appearance. The easiest way to update your deck railing is to add a fresh coat of paint. 

Add Shade 

Adding shade can be a massive benefit to your deck. Shade products like umbrellas, awnings, and pergolas can protect your deck from sun and rain year-round. Adding shade also makes your deck more comfortable for relaxing and entertaining. 

Multi-Level Decks

If you want to makeover your deck on a larger scale, you may consider building a tiered multi-level deck. This is a great way to fit in more outdoor space creatively. Additionally, by separating your deck into different levels, you can create a cozy sense of separation between, for instance, sitting and dining areas. 

Built-In Seating

While deck remodeling, you can design built-in seating. This is a simple way to save space and avoid the hassle of shopping for that perfect deck furniture. Built-in benches can create cozy nooks or large entertainment areas on your deck. At the same time, by selecting the right materials, you can build furniture that will withstand various weather conditions. 

Custom Lighting

Including discrete lighting within your deck is a small but creative way to add convenient light to your deck. This lighting can be used to accentuate fences, and line paths and tiered steps on your deck. This is not only useful for safety purposes but creates an enchanting evening atmosphere as well. 

By implementing these deck remodeling ideas and others, you can design a new deck that looks modern and stylish. At the same time, your new deck can be built to facilitate long days and evenings outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and summer warmth. 

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