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5 Types of Modern Deck Designs

T&G Builders modern deck designs

There are many modern deck designs to choose from for your home, including freestanding decks.

Remodeling your deck can be a great way to create a modern, stylish statement with your exterior home design. Updating this one area of your home can instantly create extra space for your home, as well as additional functional space for outdoor recreation and relaxation. There are many types of modern deck designs to choose from, all of which have unique benefits. If you’re looking for some deck design inspiration, read on to explore five excellent options. 

Platform Decks

A platform deck can give your surroundings a multidimensional feel. These modern deck designs can create a more intimate garden space by elevating a portion of it. When designing these decks, you must consider the slope of your land, as any deck will need to conform to it. Platform decks are best for adding to the ground floor or for one-level homes. 

Raised Decks

How high you want your raised deck depends on a variety of factors, including your home design and size. These decks are often what you may see in traditional homes with a basement, ground floor, and second floor. The raised deck will extend out from the ground floor, with a staircase leading down to the patio or yard below. Pillars or posts support the deck and create a shady space below.  

Freestanding Decks

If you have an abundance of outdoor space, you may consider a freestanding deck. These modern deck designs are detached from the house and are excellent for turning into a gazebo or bonsai garden. Some people even build pools or mini ponds around their freestanding decks. 

Two-Story Decks

A two-story deck allows you to access the first floor from the bottom of the deck, which is connected to the top tier. From the top, you can reach the second floor of your home. For this deck, you will need to include guard railings and extra materials for staircases or walkways. This can be a great way to add extra outdoor seating and dining spaces by essentially providing you with two decks. 

Multilevel Decks

If you have lots of living space on your property, you may install a multilevel deck. These deck designs function as beautiful outdoor dining areas and relaxing spaces. These decks will also require guard rails and standard safety features. These decks can combine elements of two-story decks, raised decks, and platform decks to create a multidimensional, spacious outdoor extension of your home.

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