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Expand Your Home: Design an In-Law Suite Addition

t&g builders in-law suite addition

Design an in-law suite addition suitable for your extended family.

As families grow and evolve, so do their living arrangements. Many homeowners find themselves facing the challenge of accommodating aging parents or adult children within the confines of their existing homes. A practical and popular solution to this dilemma is the addition of an in-law suite. These versatile spaces provide a sense of independence for your loved ones and add significant value to your property. Keep reading to explore how you can create the perfect in-law suite addition with the help of our expert custom home-building team at T&G Builders.

Space Planning

Before diving into the aesthetics, it’s crucial to consider the functionality and layout of the in-law suite. Begin by evaluating the available space and determining the most convenient location for the addition. Ideally, the suite should be easily accessible, providing a level of privacy while remaining connected to the main living areas.

Bedroom Retreat

The heart of any in-law suite addition is a comfortable and well-designed bedroom. Ensure the space is large enough to accommodate a bedroom set, including a cozy bed, nightstands, and ample storage. Consider incorporating large windows to let natural light flood the room, creating an inviting and airy atmosphere.

Accessible Bathroom

One of the most essential features of an in-law suite is a fully accessible bathroom. Design the bathroom with safety and convenience in mind, incorporating features such as grab bars, a walk-in shower with a bench, and non-slip flooring. Choose stylish yet functional fixtures to create a space that meets aesthetic and practical needs.

Kitchenette or Mini-Kitchen

Give your in-law suite a touch of independence by including a small kitchenette or mini-kitchen. This allows your loved ones to prepare simple meals without needing access to the central kitchen. Consider installing a compact refrigerator, microwave, small sink, counter space, and storage.

Living Area

Create a cozy living space within the suite to provide a comfortable area for relaxation and entertainment. Furnish this space with a comfortable sofa or chairs, a coffee table, and a TV. Ensure the design complements the home’s overall aesthetic while still reflecting the personal style of the in-law suite occupant.

Private Entrance

For the ultimate independence, consider adding a private entrance to the in-law suite addition. This enhances the sense of autonomy for your loved ones and allows for easy access without disturbing the main household.

Universal Design Elements

Incorporate universal design elements throughout the in-law suite to ensure it remains accessible to individuals of all abilities and ages. This includes wider doorways, lower countertops, and well-lit spaces. These thoughtful additions enhance the usability of the suite for everyone.

Designing an in-law suite addition requires a careful balance of functionality, style, and accessibility. Our custom home-building team is dedicated to creating spaces that seamlessly integrate into your existing home while meeting your family’s unique needs. Contact T&G Builders today to discuss how we can help you expand your home and provide your loved ones with a comfortable, independent living space.

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