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How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Custom Home

t&g builders maximize natural light

Use techniques like incorporating light colors to maximize natural light in your home.

When you build your custom home, you get to plan a design that includes all your favorite features. If you love natural lighting, you can design your home to maximize the natural light available in your location. You no longer have to settle for the windows or angles available in pre-existing homes. But how can you get the most out of natural light throughout the year? As you design your custom home with T&G Builders, consider whether the following design choices will work for your home design. 

Be Smart About Window Installation 

As you build your home, work with your experienced home designer to select the best window placements throughout your home. This includes considering which direction your windows will face and which rooms the windows are in. For example, if you don’t want to be woken up by too much light, you may place your bedroom windows on a wall that receives less light. If you are designing a light-filled reading room, situate your room and windows to receive the most direct sunlight during the day. 

Add Mirrors and Reflective Objects

When you add mirrors to your home, the rooms appear larger. When mirrors are placed across from windows, they reflect light and increase the amount of sunlight in the room. Adding other reflective and shiny objects can produce similar effects. Consider adding furniture with glass or chrome accents or silver photo frames. These items will help sunlight bounce around the room while adding fine decor. 

Select the Right Color Palette

Color either reflects or absorbs light. Dark shades absorb, whereas lighter shades act similarly to mirrors and reflect light. Applying lighter colors to your walls, especially your ceiling, helps that room feel larger and taller. By incorporating light-colored floors and furniture, you can maximize natural light and help your rooms feel as spacious and airy as possible. 

Use Light Window Treatments

You will want to include window coverings for your home, but if you want to retain some access to the natural light, choose light window treatments. Sheer draperies, for example, block some of the harshest light but still allow you to enjoy some of your views. You might also prefer using blinds that let you decide on how much light to let in at a time. Exterior window awnings can also block harsh sunlight without blocking beautiful scenery outside

Add Skylights 

The skylight is another appealing design feature that lets you maximize natural light in your home. Skylights are essentially windows installed in your ceiling that let light pour into your home. These can be especially beneficial in rooms without other windows or much space available for windows. Skylights let in significant light while contributing to your unique home design

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