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Open Floor Plans: How to Avoid Potential Mistakes

T&G builders open floor plan

Learn how to create your best open floor plan by avoiding a few potential pitfalls.

Open floor plans are incredibly popular, whether you own an existing home and want to complete renovations or are designing a waterfront custom home from scratch. While they are incredibly versatile and an excellent idea for many homeowners, a few mistakes can leave you wishing you made a different decision. Here are some of the best ways to avoid common open floor plan mistakes. 

Not Designing Ahead of Time

Committing to open floor plans before doing your research can be tempting since they’re so stylish. However, skipping the design phase can leave you with a large, open space that doesn’t perfectly meet your needs. Think carefully about how you want your furniture, rugs, art, and other elements to flow together. Will you use your open floor plan to combine the kitchen and the living room? Will you use open floor plans to integrate your family room and dining room seamlessly? Take time before committing.  

Using Too Much Wall Space

When you use open floor plans, you have the advantage of a large open space where anything can be placed. Unfortunately, many people still end up clustering furniture along the walls like in a traditional room. Doing this in an open floor plan can make the room seem cold and empty instead of cozy and comfortable. Focus on moving furniture to the center of the room instead. 

Create Zones

One of the reasons why homeowners choose open floor plans is to have ample space that they can use for virtually anything. While that is the case, not planning zones in your open floor plan can make the room look cluttered and disorganized. Take the opportunity to create different zones within your open floor plan, like an area for eating or an area for socializing. You can create the zones using physical barriers, like bookcases or sofas, or with visual barriers, like a different type of flooring or an area rug.

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