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How to Get the Most Out of a Small Kitchen Design

small kitchen design

Neutral colors can help your small kitchen design feel larger.

Kitchens come in various sizes and do not need to be large to be functional and satisfying. If you have a small kitchen that could be better, you don’t need to knock down your walls and conduct an intensive remodel to get the kitchen you desire. In fact, there are several ways you can update your small kitchen design to make the space feel more open and to optimize the room’s functionality. 

Use a Neutral Color Scheme

A neutral color palette can make your small kitchen design feel light, airy, and wide open. Neutral color doesn’t strictly mean cream or beige but can also include white and very light shades of blue, green, or pink. Find the color that you enjoy the most. 

Install Flexible Storage

Optimizing a small kitchen design is all about creativity and thinking outside of the box. You can do this with storage by adding shelving, creatively hanging pots and pans, or installing decorative wine racks. There are countless options, and your kitchen designer can help you determine the best organizational tools for your kitchen. 

Select Bold Flooring

Bold and eye-catching floor patterns can create a compelling focal point for your small kitchen and help maximize the space. Bright colors and exciting designs are not only unique but make your kitchen a vibrant and fun place to be. 

Store Appliances

Maintaining clutter-free counters is a great way to make your small kitchen design appear bigger than it is. You can clear your countertops by storing appliances like kettles, coffee machines, toasters, and others in convenient cupboards designed for easy accessibility. 

Match Cabinets to the Wall

Matching the color of your cabinets to the color of your wall is another great way to create the illusion of more space. Select a shade that works for the whole room, or choose a color that’s a close match if you want some distinction between the walls and cabinets. 

Use All Of Your Space

Finally, take a close look at your small kitchen design and see if there is any extra space you are not utilizing. Gaps between appliances or unused shelves can be creatively used while adding additional storage space can help you add more functionality and organization to your kitchen. 

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