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5 Remodeling Projects to Revive Your Kitchen

revive your kitchen

Installing a new backsplash is one way to revive your kitchen design.

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. This can be great if you have a kitchen design you love and which functions well. However, it can become quite frustrating when your kitchen design prevents you from enjoying your time there. Fortunately, there are a few remodeling projects you can undertake that can significantly revive your kitchen and the effect it has on you. The following projects are the best way to create a brand new kitchen for yourself without changing every detail. 

Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are incredibly popular and for good reason. These kitchen additions provide storage, beauty, and functionality. You can add drawers and cabinets to your island for storage space and add a sink for extra food prep space. The extra counter space also provides you with extra seating room and more chances to add beautiful kitchen decor. 

Update Old Countertops

If your countertops are old, they may look quite worn down from years of use. Years of chopping, spills, and plenty of food prep can take their toll on frequently used countertops. Deciding to replace countertops can revive your kitchen and make the room not only more attractive but make cooking and cleaning much more manageable. You can read more here about the most popular types of kitchen countertops and what they offer. 

Install Modern Lighting

Most likely, you haven’t thought much about the lighting in your kitchen. For most homeowners, kitchen lighting is mostly functional. However, if you want to revive your kitchen design, changing the lighting can be a surprisingly effective way to do so. If you only have a few overhead lights, you can add in some countertop task lighting. If you want to add a touch of elegance, you can add hanging lights above your kitchen island or any seated area. Explore your options and discover that your kitchen lighting doesn’t have to look one way. 

Update Your Backsplash

One of the easiest kitchen remodeling projects is updating the backsplash. This is a focal point for many kitchens and can do a lot to boost your color scheme and overall design. You have countless styles to choose from, from contrasting colors to bright patterns or delicate designs. However you want your kitchen to look, your backsplash can help.

Swap Out Cabinets for Shelving 

You don’t need to rely on cabinets for kitchen storage. If you want to try something new, you can swap out your cabinets for open shelving where you can showcase your favorite kitchenware. You can get creative with your shelving to create a beautiful kitchen design. Shelves instead of cabinets also make your kitchen appear more spacious.

By installing these new design features, you can revive your kitchen design and enjoy this central part of your home once again. 

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