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Create a Luxury Bathroom with These 7 Upgrades

luxury bathroom design

You can design a luxury bathroom by adding open shower spaces, natural light, and gorgeous materials.

When remodeling your bathrooms, you want to make sure you not only select functional pieces but create a timeless and attractive design. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, and it should be a space that refreshes and rejuvenates you. If you want to create a new, luxury bathroom that remains beautiful for years to come, consider adding the following upgrades during your next bathroom remodel

Eye-Catching Accessories

When designing a luxury bathroom, small accessories can make a significant impact. For instance, you can start by designing a bathroom with cool white marble countertops and plenty of natural light. Then, you can add sleek black hardware or black and white flooring. The contrast between the dark and light colors can have a big visual impact on everyone who enters the bathroom. 

Open Shower Space

Shower spaces are often small, taking up just enough space to be functional. However, a luxury bathroom shower that is open-plan is increasing in popularity. A walk-in shower with an open floor plan maximizes your bathroom size, modernizes the space, and allows you to enjoy the luxury of more space when you shower.

Install a Central Bathtub

If you want to include a bathtub in your luxury bathroom design, pick a bold and modern free-standing tub. Far from the old-fashioned clawfoot tubs, these sleek baths can be placed to receive the best natural light and can separate the bathroom into bathing and vanity spaces. Their minimalist design provides you with plenty of bathing space while looking effortlessly beautiful.

Add More Mirrors

Adding multiple mirrors to a room can make any space feel larger than it is. Adding mirrored cabinets to your bathroom can help your room feel larger while providing you with extra, discreet storage space. 

Statement Taps

Updating your tapware can help you design a luxury bathroom without adding major new appliances. When choosing your new taps, consider pieces that will reflect and enhance the luxury of your space. For instance, a matte black faucet can create a much bolder look than a traditional chrome or stainless steel tap might. 

Use Unconventional Materials

You can design a minimalist yet luxurious bathroom design by adding in new unconventional materials. You can inject some warmth into an all-white bathroom by using timber or textured stone in your vanity. These materials create a surprising contrast with the traditional bathroom materials you’re using and create a contemporary yet timeless appeal.

Make Room for Plants

When designing your luxury bathroom, make room for plants and greenery that can add appeal to your room. Suitable plants can not only add pops of green color but can create a sense of being in a lush, natural oasis rather than a sterile bathroom.

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