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6 Bathroom Improvements to Consider During a Remodel

bathroom improvements

Consider bathroom improvements like shower windows and shower floor tiles when starting a remodel.

A remodeled and renovated bathroom can add value to your home, update your style, and be designed to adapt to your needs. When you remodel a room, you can make design improvements that can make a significant difference in your bathroom experience. If you are preparing for a remodel, consider adding these bathroom improvements for increased functionality, storage, and comfort. 

A Low-Flow, Hidden-Tank Toilet

A hidden-tank toilet has the water storage vessel mounted inside the wall. This can be great for smaller bathrooms, where it can save space. A low-flow toilet will also help you save water every time you flush. These toilets can fit especially well within modern and contemporary bathroom designs. 

Textured Tile Shower Floor

You will have many flooring and tile choices to make during your bathroom remodel. However, when deciding on your shower tiling, you will also have to consider safety. If you choose a small, textured shower tile, the texture will keep your feet from slipping on the wet floor. These tiles are relatively easy to clean and are constructed with grout that resists mold and stains. 

Electric Heated Floors

The cool tile of a bathroom is great for cleaning, and for sleek style. However, that tile can quickly become cold and uncomfortable for your bare feet. Fortunately, electric heated floors can be installed to provide an even, warm temperature to your bathroom floor. A bathroom remodel is an excellent time to install this cozy and beneficial floor system.

Install a Shower Window

Often, a bathroom suffers from poor ventilation that traps humidity. A good bathroom fan can make a difference, but natural ventilation will always help the most. One of the recommended bathroom improvements for poor ventilation is installing a shower window. This window provides immediate ventilation to the humid shower and also lets in beautiful natural light. You can discuss the best window design with your contractor, but the window sill should be sloped downwards, and you will likely want frosted glass for privacy. 

Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

You can increase your storage space and create a sleek style with a recessed medicine cabinet. By installing this a few inches inside the wall, you save on space and create a seamless design. This is especially useful if your vanity is small and a bit shallow. With a recessed medicine cabinet, you have extra space to use the sink and don’t need to worry about hitting your head. 

Improve Bathroom Lighting

As you redesign your bathroom, consider adding a few key bathroom lighting improvements. You can install a dimmer switch for the main lights, recessed features around your mirror, and add a light in the shower rather than around it. These bathroom improvements will create a better atmosphere for your bathroom while increasing visibility and safety.

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