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3 Reasons to Replace Your Home Siding This Fall

why replace home siding

Learn the benefits of replacing your home siding this fall.

If you’re like most homeowners, you are often trying to catch up with home updates and make sure you are doing what you can to keep your home looking its best. If you’re looking for a new home project to undertake this fall, replacing your home siding may be the best for this time of year. Why is fall the best season to update your siding? There are a few key reasons why you may benefit from this home improvement project during this season. Read on to discover how the seasonal temperatures prime you for a beneficial home renovation. 

There Are Fewer Temperature Fluctuations in Fall 

At T&G Builders, we help homeowners replace or update their home siding in a variety of materials. The most popular siding materials include plank and lap siding, cedar shake, shingle siding, and panel siding in wood, PVC, or vinyl. While all of these materials are the highest-quality, during skyrocketing summer temperatures, the materials on your home naturally expand during the hot day and retract during the cold nights. This movement of the material makes measurements difficult during the summer. On the other hand, during the fall, the weather is much more mild and consistent, which is more conducive to home siding installation. Additionally, installers will be less likely to be delayed by heavy summer rains or winter snow showers. 

A Fall Installation Has Less Impact On Your Landscape

When updating the appearance of your home, you don’t want your landscape to take a hit. If you have beautiful trees, shrubs, and garden plots, you can create quite an impact on your home’s curb appeal. However, home siding installations may create a stressful environment for flower beds and plants, even if installers are careful to avoid touching them. Fortunately, your garden will be at the end of its peak season during the fall, and trees will begin entering their dormant state. This is beneficial because contractors can work freely without worrying about damaging your attractive landscape. 

New Home Siding Prepares You for Winter

Most importantly, if your home siding needs to be replaced, you shouldn’t wait until winter to update it. Cracked, warped, and bent panels will create gaps and holes where warm air can escape your home. As a result, you will be colder in your home and pay more for heating costs. However, when you replace your siding in the fall, you can rest easy knowing that your home will provide adequate protection from winter weather and chills. 

If you believe your home siding can use an update or replacement, don’t wait any longer. Using the cool fall temperatures to your advantage can help you create your beautiful home sooner. 

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