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Design a Pet-Friendly Kitchen with These Tips

design a pet-friendly kitchen

Tired of pets on countertops? Design a pet-friendly kitchen.

Pets are a regular part of many families and many homes. While homeowners go to great lengths to keep their pets safe outdoors, they may not always consider how they can make their interior home design more pet-friendly. You likely spend a significant amount of time in your kitchen, which means your pets are probably there by your side. To ensure that your pet remains safe in your kitchen without damaging your home, follow the design tips below. 

Incorporate a Pet Sleeping Place

Most dogs like to be at the center of family activity, which means they will often be in your kitchen. If you’re designing a new pet-friendly kitchen, you may consider incorporating a space specifically designed for your pet. An integrated dog bed can fit into a kitchen island, for instance. This will not only keep your pet cozy but keep them out of your way. 

Design a Feeding Station

A feeding station is not only a great way to give your pet their own space to eat and drink but helps you keep all of their food and snacks in one convenient place. You can design the feeding station to optimize your kitchen space and avoid tripping hazards from bags of dog food and feeding bowls. 

Add a Doggy Door

If your kitchen opens up to a fenced-in yard, you may consider adding a doggy door to give your pet more independence. This feature will help you stay on top of your kitchen tasks while your pet can come and go as they please. 

Design a Lookout Window

A pet-friendly kitchen design popular with dogs and cats is a lookout window. Pets love to look out and observe, and by giving them a cozy spot in your kitchen, you can keep an eye on them and keep them off of the floor. Placing a washable pad on the seat also helps ensure an easy cleanup of pet hair. 

Install Pocket Doors

If you need to keep your pets away from the bustle of the kitchen or dangerous appliances, pocket doors can help. These doors can be installed in cabinets and designed to easily pull out to create a block for your pet. Once the doors are out, your pet cannot access beyond it. These doors can be more stylish and convenient than plastic pet gates. 

Choose Pet-Friendly Floors and Walls

When designing a pet-friendly kitchen, don’t forget about the floor and wall materials. Consider installing hygienic and easy-to-clean hard surfaces. Ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, and water-resistant wall paint can all make pet cleanup a breeze. 

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