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Tips for Designing a New Home Office

design a new home office

Design a great new home office by highlighting your personal style and enjoying natural light.

Whether you use your desk for running a business, conducting remote work, or taking care of household responsibilities, you deserve a space that consists of more than a single table and chair. An office is a space in which you are bound to spend plenty of time. To increase your productivity significantly, you should consider ways to design your new home office to maximize your comfort. The following tips will help guide you in that design process. 

Consider Location Carefully 

Because you will spend many hours at a time in your new home office, you don’t want to scrimp on space. You should also consider the “traffic flow” in your home, especially if you are easily distracted by noises or visitors. However, if you are distracted by too much quiet, you may want to place your office in a more central location.

Paint the Walls a Favorite Color

Work doesn’t have to mean “serious” or “boring.” To live up your new home office, you should paint the walls with your favorite colors. This may mean a bright, cheery color that lifts your mood, or a calming shade that soothes you during stressful days. 

Give Yourself a View

When determining the placement of your desk, find a spot that provides you with a view. A window is ideal, as it provides natural light as well as active scenery to admire. However, if you don’t have any convenient windows in your room, you can place beautiful artwork above your desk or position your chair so you face the door. 

Consider Your Backdrop

With many professionals conducting video conferences from their home office, you should take into consideration your backdrop when placing your desk. What will your co-workers see in the video behind you? Ideally, your backdrop is not distracting. Additionally, avoid sitting with doors behind you in case unexpected visitors arrive. For similar reasons, do not sit with a window behind you that may distract others or wash you out in blinding light. 

Organize Vertically and Horizontally 

Your new home office will likely require a lot of storage space. Fortunately, you can get very creative with how you store your items. Floating shelves on the wall get office equipment off of your desk, while vertical file folders on the desk can keep important documents close. 

Organize Your Technology 

Your new home office will contain a lot of technology that comes with a lot of messy wires. To hide these unsightly cords, you can start by making your equipment close to outlets and easy to access. You can then encase cords in a fabric cover or use cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer that collects and lifts cables off the floor. This creates less of a hazard and makes your office retain its attractive appearance. 

Select Smart Lighting

Finally, make sure that your new home office has plenty of light to reduce eye strain and headaches. You can also position your computer so that there is no glare from windows or overhead lights. Finally, consider adding a small lamp to your desk for task lighting. 

With these home office additions, you can create a stress-free, productive workspace that is as stylish as any other room in your house. 

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