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6 Styles of Custom Waterfront Homes

T&G Builders custom waterfront homes

Custom waterfront homes come in many styles. Which one is best for you?

Waterfront living is an appealing choice for many homeowners. The views are excellent, and easy access to the beach and your favorite water sports makes a waterfront home ideal for the active family who loves spending every spring and summer day outdoors. If you are ready to build your custom waterfront home with T&G Builders, you may not know where to start. Several styles of custom waterfront homes work especially well in this particular environment. Will one of these be the best design for your new dream home? 

Coastal-Style Homes

Coastal homes are often painted light colors to create a beautiful, bright exterior. They have large windows and verandas, encouraging open-concept layouts full of natural light. The interior is spacious, with tall ceilings and neutral-colored walls. This is the classic waterfront home design you may have in mind. 

Traditional-Style Homes with a Focus on Waterfront Views

Traditional homes are great for waterfront properties because they help you take advantage of the natural view outside every window. They range in size and design but often feature hardwood floors and plenty of windows on the water-facing side. This home often has high ceilings to maximize the views and can contain a small porch or deck that allows you to enjoy the sea air. 

Loft Homes

This home style can give the impression of two stories without taking up much space on your property. This modern style is ideal if you want to build a home with lighter walls, higher ceilings, and plenty of natural lighting. Since the design is so open, you can enjoy the relaxed lifestyle the waterfront home is known for. At the same time, you can be closer to your community because this home takes up less space than other styles. 

Beach-Style Homes

Beach-style custom waterfront homes are designed to blend in with the environment and have an organic feel. They have large windows and often floor-to-ceiling doors where you can let the natural light and fresh air come in. The exterior is often made from brick or stone, and they have large front porches ideal for socializing

Nautical-Style Houses

Nautical-style homes lean into blue accents and nautical décor that remind you of sailing the seas. This style can be more intricate and include moldings or other details that remind you of the classic boating lifestyle. This custom home design also tends to have a lot of symmetry and many windows, even on the upper floor, to allow you the best views of the water. 

Contemporary-Style Homes

These custom waterfront homes are becoming increasingly trendy. Contemporary homes are designed to look more sculptural than your typical home. They may have unique features like one large window facing the sea, more than one exterior color or material, and a sharply angled roof. 

No matter which style appeals to you, your experienced custom home builder at T&G Builders can help you navigate the design process successfully. Call us today to get started. 

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with T&G Builders

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