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Ready for a Winter Renovation? Try These Home Projects

winter renovation projects

Try a few winter renovation projects such as updating your backsplash or kitchen counters.

You may not imagine that winter is a great time to plan a home renovation project. However, while you are often stuck inside during the cold months, it can be an excellent time to focus on the inside of your home and the small renovation projects you can undertake. By undertaking the following winter renovation projects, you don’t have to wait to enjoy a new and improved home.

Replace Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

Replacing the countertops can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. You may also update your kitchen cabinets by replacing outdated pulls and knobs or adding new cabinets altogether. 

Replace Kitchen Backsplash

The dark days of winter make us long for bright, colorful spaces in which to live. By replacing your kitchen backsplash, you can add color to your kitchen without redesigning the entire room. 

Light Fixtures

The dark of wintertime is a perfect chance to replace any dim or malfunctioning light bulbs and light fixtures in your home. If you have any dark rooms in your home, you can add new light fixtures that illuminate the space better and create a cozy, luminous atmosphere that helps you enjoy your time indoors. 

Paint the Walls

A late winter renovation project that will change your home for the better is re-painting your walls. The dry air of winter can even help a fresh coat of paint dry faster. 

Install Carpeting

You may consider this winter renovation project after the holiday season passes. During the sleepy months of January and February, you can replace any threadbare, ripped, or bulging carpeting. This new carpet will increase the coziness and warmth of your home through the rest of the season. 

Update the Laundry Room

Although the laundry room is central to your day-to-day life, the space itself can often be neglected. You can utilize a winter weekend to refresh and reorganize your laundry room. Adding a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the floors, or installing shelves and hooks can all increase the function of this room. 

Install New Bathroom Faucets

You may not want to undertake a full bathroom renovation during the winter, but focusing on a small project can still make a huge difference. An excellent small winter renovation project can include updating the bathroom faucet or showerhead to increase style and functionality.

Reinsulate Your Attic

Your home should be protecting you from the cold. If it fails to do so, now is an excellent time to reinsulate your home’s vulnerable areas. In particular, insulating the attic will help trap warm air inside your home when you most need it. 

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