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3 Examples of the Coastal-Style Kitchen

T&G Builders coastal-style kitchen

Your coastal-style kitchen will include whites, greys, and shades of blue that evoke the seaside.

The coastal-style kitchen offers homeowners a fresh new take on a minimal palette and calm, cozy design. Coastal style no longer means that you have to stock your rooms with nautical accessories and old-fashioned décor. Instead, whether you want to remodel your summer home or your home away from the water, a coastal-style kitchen can create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that always feels like summer vacation. If you are interested in updating your home kitchen, consider the following three examples of the appealing coastal-style kitchen. 

First, The Basics 

All coastal-style kitchens have a few essential design elements that consistently provide appealing results. One of those elements is a soft waterfront palette. Color selections often include sand, sea, sky shades, and sandy whites. You will also want to maximize natural light and maintain an open floor plan as much as possible. Additionally, natural materials like wood and distressed driftwood are best for cabinets, furnishings, and accents. 

The New Nautical Design 

This coastal-style kitchen design is open, airy, and stems from a classic Nantucket blue kitchen. The palette is minimal, and creamy white or gray quartz countertops can add depth and simplicity to this New England-style kitchen. 

You can add a backsplash that evokes the movements of water or waves to subtly evoke the beach environment. These kitchen designs combine simple, modern elements to create a relaxed kitchen space that can suit almost any existing home design. 

The Rustic Coastal Design 

A rustic coastal kitchen design relies on textures to create a cozy atmosphere. Textures relevant to sand and wood are especially effective. Driftwood can be especially effective for your kitchen cabinetry. It can also be customized to accent a kitchen island or other signature feature. Combining the distressed wood elements with soft, sandy whites and natural lighting will create a minimal but charming kitchen that reminds you of the appeal of oceanside properties. 

The Contemporary Coastal Design 

This coastal-style kitchen can be breezy and effortless-looking or sleek and striking. A chic contemporary coastal design brings your home some modern, minimalist elements while including warm seaside colors and bright accents to evoke the spirit of summer. 

The more glamorous homeowners may consider installing bold quartz or metallic features, while a striking island in quartz or laminate can evoke the luxury of a five-star beachside hotel. 

Shades of white or cream are best in this design, with wood flooring that can provide a natural element. You can add ocean-blue or sky-blue shades of paint to your cabinets or furniture to enhance the richness and variety of your kitchen design. If you want to keep your home design looking modern and sleek, this kitchen design will suit your needs. 

No matter which coastal style kitchen you prefer, you can consult with the professionals at T&G Builders to determine the best remodeling ideas for your home’s kitchen.

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